Integralis and FastPassCorp joins forces to expand self-service of passwords in Africa

Integralis and FastPassCorp have entered into a strategic partnership to help companies and organizations in South Africa to improve end-user service, IT-productivity and IT-security related to password processes.

Integralis is the leading South African consulting and service company within the Identity and Access Management field having projects and support with multiple large South African customers.

Integralis partner Morne Smith states: “We see a huge need for modern automated tools for the password process in South Africa. We already have very positive experience locally with FastPass. We are excited to bring password self-service to organizations in Africa, and are convinced that the timing is now!”

CEO Finn Jensen of FastPassCorp: “We are proud that Integralis strategically will expand their password self-service with FastPass. We see a deep commitment from the many trained consultants at Integralis, and we are convinced that Integralis will be successful”.

Integralis will sell FastPass throughout Africa!

See the full Press Release here

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