6 Steps Implementing FastPass IVM for Secure User Verification: A Project Manager's Guide

Finn Jensen

Finn Jensen | Founder, FastPasscorp

In the digital age, the security of IT help desks against social engineering attacks is paramount. Hackers often attempt to exploit help desk operations by impersonating legitimate users, seeking unauthorized access or sensitive information. The antidote to this vulnerability lies in a robust, secure verification process. FastPass offers a streamlined solution that integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow and other leading ITSM tools, fortifying your help desk against such threats. This blog outlines a structured approach to implementing FastPass for secure user verification, tailored from one project manager to another.

understanding the threat - social engineering

Understanding the Threat

Social engineering represents a significant security risk, exploiting human factors rather than technological vulnerabilities to gain access to restricted resources. A secure verification process is not just beneficial; it's essential for protecting sensitive information and maintaining trust in IT operations.

6 Steps to Implementing FastPass for Enhanced Security

  1. Inventory of Verification Data and Tokens
  • Objective: Identify the data and tokens available within your organization that can be utilized for user verification.
  • Action: Review your existing data repositories, regardless of their location, to determine what information can be integrated with FastPass for verification purposes.
  1. Categorization of User Groups
  • Objective: Segregate users into categories based on security requirements (e.g., very important, important, less important) to tailor the verification process.
  • Action: Develop criteria for categorization and determine the verification methods applicable to each group. Ensure the process accommodates users across different regions, recognizing that available data and tokens may vary.
  1. Configuration of Verification Processes
  • Objective: Configure FastPass to assign points for various tests, specifying mandatory and optional tests for each user group.
  • Action: Utilize the FastPass configuration settings to define the verification process, adjusting the points system to reflect the security importance of different tests.
  1. Integration with ServiceNow
  • Objective: Seamlessly integrate FastPass into your ServiceNow workflow to ensure a smooth verification process.
  • Action: Employ the certified FastPass interface for ServiceNow, customize it to follow the processes that fit your organization, ensuring compatibility and efficient workflow integration.
  1. Training and Education
  • Objective: Prepare your service desk team for the transition to the new verification process, emphasizing the importance of security.
  • Action: Conduct comprehensive training sessions for service desk supporters, focusing on the functionalities of FastPass. Simultaneously, revoke direct password reset privileges to enforce the use of the new system.
  1. Monitoring and Optimization
  • Objective: Establish a monitoring process within ServiceNow and FastPass to oversee the verification process and identify areas for improvement.
  • Action: Plan and implement monitoring protocols that track verification attempts, successes, and failures, using this data to refine and optimize the verification process over time.

Ready for Production

With these steps, your organization is well-prepared to deploy FastPass for secure user verification at your help desk. This not only enhances your defense against social engineering attacks but also streamlines the verification process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

FastPass IVM LogoThe implementation of FastPass IVM represents a proactive step towards securing your IT help desk operations. By following the structured approach outlined above, project managers can effectively transition to a secure, efficient verification process that safeguards against the ever-present threat of social engineering.

Embrace FastPass and fortify your organization's digital defenses today.

Finn Jensen
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