Password reset for remote employees

Make users working from home or anywhere be able to reset password remotely

FastPass offers an easy to use self-service solution where users can reset their corporate password from remote and at home in the same easy way when at the office. 

Users can reset passwords on remote portable PCs belonging to the domain without being involved in technical steps. 

No need to call Service Desk

Quick reset process under 10 seconds
Easy back-end implementation

Provide a seamless password self-service experience even when working remotely


A process where users can reset passwords remotely without the need to call the Service Desk is  possible.


Leverage your existing VPN infrastructure

FastPass activates the user’s VPN connection to get Windows to reset the PC password to conform with the AD-password 

When your company transitions employees to work from home setup, the Service Desk faces new challenges.

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You may choose to have your SSPR on-premise or through our cloud based integration with quick & easy implementation. The Cloud service gives customers complete data security and compliance by covering the full circle within password processes: Self-service and manual service desk support for passwords.

FastPass can be shared with MSP's clients to reduce password costs. It is fully customizable and offers powerful features that meets both customer and internal requirements.

Synchronizing passwords from Active Directory to corporate systems and applications. Cover SAP (all variations), Oracle, IBM Z and IBM i, LDAP, SQL and many others. Short implementation time.

Protect your Passwords today with FastPass

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