Insights into SSPR Best Practices

Users forget their corporate passwords. It happens for AD passwords as well as for other corporate passwords like SAP, Oracle, IBMi and so on. The consequences are:

  • Productivity for end-users
  • Productivity for the service desk 
  • Security

SSPR Business Case

When everyone is looking to automate their processes, it makes sense to offer self-service of password reset to the end-users. Project approval requires a good SSPR business case

To prevent the business case from deterioration then regularly revisit the business case.

SSPR Implementation

We have a decade of experience in implementing SSPR solutions. A well-planned procedure for the implementation is a necessary foundation for a successful SSPR implementation. The objective for all SSPR projects should be at least 90% user adoption. Many enterprises have experienced adoption of 20-30% which means that the service desk continues to receive a high number of password calls.

SSPR Best Practices

A great overview of the most essential elements for the implementation process can be found in this e-guide: “6 steps to success for self-service of password reset”. This is an easy-to-follow procedure for implementation to achieve 90% adoption.

To understand where your implementation might fail then this guide explains the pitfalls in the implementation and operation:   Why SSPR fails and what do do about it. This blog builds on the same argumentation: 5 reasons why users reject SSPR solutions.

Work-from-home and Remote Challenges

Special emphasis should be placed on the issues for work-from-home and other remote users when doing a remote password reset. You will have technical challenges getting the new Active Directory password synchronized to the remote PC cache password.

Solutions to solve this exists:

Work From Home Challenges for IT Support Service Desk

Password Reset for Remote Employees

10 best SSPR Solutions and Criteria

SSPR features and requirements

SSPR Features and Technical Requirements

What tool or portal will be the best one? No tool is the best for everyone! You must first and foremost understand your requirements. By this we mean the use-case requirements and your technical requirements. Checkout good overall list of features for SSPR.

best sspr solutions software imageThe 10 best SSPR solutions

A more comprehensive overview of criteria to select from and the 10 best tools for large enterprises (more than 1000 users) is available from this blog including PDF lists – easy to use: What are the best SSPR solutions?  Individually for the best SSPR criteria. Directly to the 10 best SSPR software solutions.

SSPR Verification and Authentication of Users

Verification or authentication of users is of the utmost importance for security as well as for user convenience. If we can reuse the methods used at login for multi-factor authentication, then the users are familiar with the process. Some users will however forget their tokens or their answers to personal questions, and then you need other methods like manager approval in SSPR. 

A good productivity test for any help desk manager or operations manager is to be better than the cost levels and prices you will meet from the professional service providers. This blog shows the challenge: Can Your Service Desk Survive The Competition From Managed Service Providers?

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