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NNIT has chosen FastPass based on its versatility, as it is able to fit different customer requirements for end-user functions and technical specifications. It is a strategic order for FastPassCorp, rewarding its focus on the MSP version of FastPass for large international outsourcing and MSP companies such as NNIT.

”We strive continuously to improve our service. It is important to us to deliver modern and simple solutions helping customers to a more efficient operation. The cooperation with FastPass is yet another step in this direction”.

Mads Jakobsen
Associate vice president for NNIT


“FastPass was easy to implement, although they gave us lots of setting choices to work through. Their engineer worked with us and then deployed tools to push out to the work stations. It was fairly simple to get it up and running. The hardest part was getting everyone enrolled into FastPass. But within a couple of months all 1500 users were in the system.

People are still free to ask for help, but about 90% use FastPass to reset their passwords. So we’ve seen a substantial reduction in calls to the help desk.

We have different levels of security depending on the job our employees do and the level of access they have to proprietary data. We require some to have strict passwords a certain number of characters long, with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. For lower level access, the passwords can be simpler.

FastPass works! The support is good. The documentation is good. It does exactly what we need it to do. And it does it very well.”

Winston Hughes
Vice President IT

The logo of SSSFT NHS who uses our self service password solutions

“After simple local installation, the training of the Support Desk staff was quickly achieved. But changing our end users’ habits proved more testing and took longer than envisaged. We rolled out a number of enrolment campaigns and the Service Desk reinforced the use of the FastPass tool.

We now have about 70% of all password resets and domain account unlocks completed through the self-service portal. During this period we have met our Customers’ Service and Cost Improvement challenges. We have reduced our call abandon rates by over 55% and our average wait times by over 60%. This is in spite of a reduction in our overall budget.

The FastPass implementation has definitely contributed to this success. We needed post installation support on occasions and we have found the level of FastPass support to be of high standard and their engineers are knowledgeable and reliable. We are happy to recommend the products and service of FastPass.”

Pete Townley
Lead Service Delivery


“The first phase we set ourselves as target of 50% reduction in password resets to the Service Desk, this we exceeded by achieving nearly 60%. The reduction in password reset calls has enabled us to meet increased calls due to ‘Workwise’ implementation across the authority. We have experienced budget reduction, and still managed to meet our efficiencies without the need to increase Service Desk support.

We now have approximately 90% of our customers signed up to Fastpass, and our final phase will involve advising customers through their managers that we will now only reset passwords in the case of emergencies.

Customer feedback has confirmed that we maintained a high level service and customer satisfaction during this transitional period. Fastpass customer support has been reliable and of a high standard, and we are happy to recommend Fastpass as a product.”

Conwy’s IT Department

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”We found FastPass’s Cloud solution fit our needs as an economical and effective solution. The cloud version saved us the work of setting up servers and infrastructure and maintaining an internal SW-package.

I must say we had a smooth implementation with very good support from the FastPass staff. FastPass did everything automatically. We just had to think about what to write in the sign-up emails to the users. The sign-up part of FastPass is superior to other solutions and that is the most important part if you want to succeed with a password reset system. We are pleased that our users can reset their passwords 24/7 without having to wait in line for the help desk. Our help desk has been freed up to focus on more essential things. This solution gives us three winners: the help desk, all of our users, and the citizens of Frederikshavn who we serve every day.

During the last 12 months FastPass handled 2,531 password calls or more than 80% of the total password calls from all the users. To our surprise, more than 45% of password self-service was outside normal business hours, between 4PM and 7AM. This year alone, 1150 users have been able to continue their work instead of waiting for IT service next morning!!”

Per Kristensen
IT project manager

varde kommune

In October 2012 Varde Municipality implemented FastPass Password Manager to reduce the number of such calls to the service desk. And in just four months it has led to visible results— from 137 monthly calls to the service desk in October 2012 to just 22 calls in January 2013. The number of calls has now been reduced by over 80 percent.

“This is a significant win for the service desk. We do not need the ‘trivial’ task of creating new passwords, and users avoid all the time waiting to get through to the service desk. At the same time, the municipality has been given more flexibility helping employees working around the clock. With the new solution, users are no longer subject to the service desk being open, as the user can obtain a new password after authenticating themselves”

Lea Dragsbæk
Varde Municipality

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