FastPass for IBM System Architects: Implement Password Self Service

FastPass: Elevating IBM Z & IBM i Password Resets through Advanced Automation and Self-Service

To understand the general requirements for a successful implementation of SSPR: FastPass Self-Service Password Reset



Key Features

Tailored IBM Z & IBM i Portal Password Reset

Empower users with an unparalleled self-service process, enabling them to swiftly reset or unlock their IBM credentials, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal workflow.

IBM Password Reset Automation Excellence

At the heart of FastPass lies a dedication to innovation. Our automation capabilities significantly reduce manual interventions, making the password reset process smoother and more efficient.

Harmonious Compatibility with Diverse IBM Platforms

Beyond being a standard IBM password reset tool, FastPass offers native integration with IBM Z (formerly IBM/390) through the renowned RACF software, and the agile IBM i (previously AS/400) through a dedicated Java connector.

Almost 40 languages

...available for end-user interface

Dynamic User Verification for IBM systems:

Navigating the intricate landscape of IBM Z & IBM i portal password reset becomes effortless with FastPass’s multifaceted user verification. With security at the forefront, our system ensures that only authorized individuals can reset their credentials:

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA): By employing a blend of verification methods, we guarantee layered security, providing a stronghold against potential breaches.
  • Adaptive Verification Mechanisms: Depending on user preferences and company policy, choose from a wide range of security questions, PINs, and even smart card authentication for an augmented protective layer.
  • Manager Approval or approval by trusted colleague
  • PINs: SMS, E-mail, Help Desk

To understand the general requirements for a successful implementation of SSPR: FastPass Self-Service Password Reset

Accessibility & User Experience:

With FastPass, boundaries are redefined. Our portal, accessible from many digital devices, assures that IBM Z & IBM i portal password reset functionalities remain at the fingertips of users, anytime, anywhere.

What is the process for IBM password self-service?

  • The user identifies herself
  • The user selects what IBM password to reset
  • The user verifies her identity with single-factor or 2-factor authentication
  • The user makes her own password assisted by the password policy
  • The password is written to the selected IBM systems
FastPass SAP SSPR IT Help Desk

Service desk as part of the secure user service

Some users will call the help desk. Even hackers might call the help desk and pretend to be a real employee (see the MGM case: LinkedIn as the Trojan Horse at MGM: The Rising Threat of Social Engineering in IT Security ).

FastPass offers a secure user verification to confirm the user’s identity before a new password is issued: FastPass Identity Verification Manager

Enterprise Scalability with Robust IBM Integration

Crafted with large-scale operations in mind, FastPass is more than just an IBM password reset tool. It’s a complete ecosystem tailored for enterprises:

  • Rigorous Security Protocols: Understanding the sanctity of data, our solution upholds the highest standards of security, safeguarding both user data and system accessibility.
  • Configurable Workflows: Recognizing that every enterprise is unique, FastPass allows organizations to customize workflows, ensuring that the password reset process aligns seamlessly with existing IT operations.

To understand the general requirements for a successful implementation of SSPR: FastPass Self-Service Password Reset

FastPass IBM SSPR Password Reset

Pricing for IBM self service of password reset:

Pricing depends primarily on:

  • Number of users
  • Functionality

Expect the price for on-premise subscription to be about 0.35$/user per month


How do you connect to the IBM systems?

This depends on the system at hand and the means that are available. The most common ones are:

IBM i: For the iSeries we have a specific connector written int IBM Tool Box for Java. This connector connects to the Remote Service Port preferably over SSL. On the IBM side, no extra software is needed, but a privileged account with the right to reset the passwords is needed. Contact FastPass for a detailed description.

IBM Z/OS(RACF): For the Z systems it strongly depends on the setup. Is there is a LDAP in front eg. Tivoli, then we connect using that. If not other tools are brought into play from Java connectors to SSH connectors. We have done OS/390 using SSH and IBM Z using LDAP. On the IBM side no software is needed, however for the LDAP solution a privileged account is needed for allowing FastPass to the passwords – the same is true for the SSH connector.

Is the portal cloud or on-premises?

You choose FastPass Cloud or the FastPass on-premises solution for your own domain. The two solutions are functional identical. Pricing is comparable between the two solutions.

What are the technical requirements?

For the Cloud solution FastPass needs a single small Windows server to connect to the target systems. On the server the FastPass Remote Gateway component is installed. From this server the connections are made to the IBM systems directly and for a local Active Directory, should that be present.

For the On-Premise version of FastPass a server needs to be installed hosting FastPass. If users are to be able to access the solution from the Internet a DMZ server holding the FastPass Web Client needs to be installed on a separate server, an SSL certificate is needed on the server. Databases wise an MSSQL database is used to store data, either using the customers MSSQL environment or on the server itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In an era where efficiency and security are paramount, FastPass emerges as the beacon for IBM operations.

Representing the zenith among IBM self-service password reset tools, our solution is a blend of security, efficiency, and forward-thinking innovation, ready to usher enterprises into a new age of password management.

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