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In today’s digital landscape, managing user identities and access is more crucial than ever.

The FastPass Suite, encompassing three integral modules, provides a holistic solution for securing identity verification and streamlining IT help desk operations. Each module is designed to address specific challenges in identity management and user validation, ensuring both high security and enhanced productivity for end-users and the IT service desk.

Identity Verification Manager (IVM): Secure User Proofing

The Identity Verification Manager is a core component of the FastPass Suite, focusing on robust user validation. This module ensures that user identities are verified securely and efficiently, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding sensitive information. By implementing advanced verification techniques, businesses can maintain high security standards and comply with regulatory requirements. The integration of FastPass into ITSM systems have been certified by leading ITSAM products like ServiceNow and TOPdesk.

Why Robust Identity Verification Matters

  • Enhanced Security: Prevents data breaches by ensuring only verified users can access sensitive information. Social Engineers use vishing methods to obtain legitimate users’ passwords from the help desk.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets stringent compliance standards for data protection.
  • User Trust: Builds trust with users by protecting their personal and professional data.

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR): Empowering Users and Reducing Help Desk Load

The Self-Service Password Reset module empowers users to manage their passwords independently, significantly reducing the workload on IT help desks. This tool enables users to reset their passwords quickly and securely, without needing direct assistance from support staff, thereby enhancing overall productivity and user satisfaction.

Benefits of Self-Service Password Reset

  • Decreased IT Workload: Reduces the number of help desk calls and tickets related to password issues.
  • Quicker Resolution: Allows users to resolve access issues faster, minimizing downtime for the company.
  • User Autonomy: Enhances user experience by providing control over password management.

Password Synchronization: Streamlining Access Across Systems

Password Synchronization is essential for businesses that use multiple systems and applications. This module simplifies the user experience by synchronizing passwords across all platforms. When users update their password in one system, it automatically updates across all others, ensuring seamless access and enhanced security. FastPass supports passwords from SAP, IBM, Oracle, LDAP, SQL, Google and others.

Advantages of Password Synchronization

  • Simplified User Experience: Users need to remember only one password for multiple systems.
  • Enhanced Security: Reduces the risk of password fatigue and weak passwords.
  • IT Efficiency: Lowers the risk of security breaches and the operational cost associated with managing multiple user credentials.

Integrating the FastPass Suite for Maximum Efficiency and Security

By integrating all three modules of the FastPass Suite, organizations can achieve a comprehensive platform that not only enhances security but also improves operational efficiency. The synergy between Identity Verification Manager, Self-Service Password Reset, and Password Synchronization ensures that users are verified, empowered, and synchronized across all systems.

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Why Choose the Full FastPass Suite?
  • enterprise password software icon

    Complete Security and Productivity Solution

    Combines thorough identity verification with efficient password management and synchronization.

  • Employee awareness icon


    Reduces the need for extensive IT support, lowering operational costs.

  • compliance icon


    Adapts to the growing needs of businesses, supporting more users and systems seamlessly.

In conclusion, the FastPass Suite offers a robust, integrated approach to identity and access management that secures and simplifies the IT infrastructure of any organization. By deploying all three components, businesses can ensure a high level of security and operational productivity, making it an indispensable solution for modern enterprises.

These four core solutions aim to elevate your Service Desk productivity & security. 

We provide flexibility by offering you options to have it on-premise or through FastPass Cloud integrated to your own system.

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Increase your Service Desk productivity and reach 90% user adoption with FastPass SSPR

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Strengthen your Help Desk Security Take out the emotion to block attackers with FastPass Identity Verification Manager

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Create seamless logins for employees with FastPass Sync

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Smooth work-from-home setup with FastPass Remote Password Reset

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Contact FastPassCorp to discuss solutions to your situation

What are the elements of Enterprise Password Management?

  • Analyze your password protection icon


    Analyze your situation and make the Password Protection Plan

  • password workflow and processes

    Processes and workflow

    Where do passwords touch humans? Make the processes and workflow secure

  • enterprise password software icon

    Enterprise password management software

    Select and implement software solutions to support your password plan

  • Employee awareness icon

    Employee awareness training

    Teach your employees about social engineering risks

  • compliance icon

    Compliance and monitoring

    Control that policies and workflow are compliant

  • organization for Password management


    Have clear responsibilities

Elements of enterprise password management software

Self-Service  Password Reset (SSPR) Solutions

FastPass Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Solutions ⟶

Guide to the 10 best Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Solutions  

Password Synchronization Tools

Password Synchronization Tool ⟶

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Password Policy Tools

FastPass Advanced Password Policy

Active Directory password policy 

Manual Identity Verification for Password Resets

FastPass Identity Verification Manager ⟶

Privileged Access Managers

Solutions from BeyondTrust, Thycotic, and more

Personal Password Manager Vault

Solutions from LastPass, Keeper and more

Used by most enterprises with over two million people worldwide

FastPass provides self-service password solutions for Service Desks & Help Desks: Self-Service Password Reset that is highly adaptable to employees, Identity Verification to secure facilitated password calls at Service Desks avoiding potential fraud and attackers, Password Synchronization from Windows Active Directory or Azure Active Directory to any system like SAP, Oracle and IBM and Remote PC Password Reset to help employees working from home or anywhere enable a smooth login.  

fastpass for MSP

FastPass for MSPs

FastPass can be shared with MSP's clients to reduce password costs. It is fully customizable and offers powerful features that meets both customer and internal requirements.

What our customers are saying about us

The biggest businesses in different industries trust FastPassCorp

“We have seen an 80% reduction in assisted password resets. We’re very satisfied with the product. It has significantly freed us up from frustrating and unrewarding password resets.

We can quickly ensure our students receive the very best in learning and teaching.

I highly recommend FastPass. It is a comprehensive, enterprise solution with very high end-user acceptance. It is certainly a best in breed product— clearly focused on providing secure password management. FastPassCorp offers excellent service and a technically robust solution. “


Oliver Holmes - Deputy Director, Technology and Operations

Nyrstar has chosen FastPass to automate and improve the processes related to users’ forgotten passwords. This has improved user satisfaction and reduced the workload in the IT HelpDesk. The number of forgotten passwords per involved user per year has dropped from 1,6 to 0,3. This is an improvement of 83%!

“We have worked with FastPass for nearly 3 years now, and we have reached the objective for our project. As being one of the first FastPass SAP customers we had some initial challenges. FastPassCorp delivers however very dedicated and qualified support and we have for several years been very satisfied. Recently we decided to extend FastPass to all our international users, and will then reach 5.000 users.”


Hans Lauwers - SAP Technical Analyst

NNIT has chosen FastPass based on its versatility, as it is able to fit different customer requirements for end-user functions and technical specifications. It is a strategic order for FastPassCorp, rewarding its focus on the MSP version of FastPass for large international outsourcing and MSP companies such as NNIT.

”We strive continuously to improve our service. It is important to us to deliver modern and simple solutions helping customers to a more efficient operation. The cooperation with FastPass is yet another step in this direction”.


Mads Jakobsen - Associate vice president for NNIT

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