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FastPass: Streamlining SAP Portal Password Resets with Self-Service Automation

Elevate your SAP environment with FastPass, the benchmark for SAP portal password reset self-service. Seamlessly blend security with user autonomy through advanced SAP password reset automation.

You choose FastPass for Cloud or On-premise according to your requirements or strategy.



Key Features

Automated SAP Portal Password Reset

Empower users with intuitive self-service capabilities to reset or unlock their SAP credentials without any hassles.

SAP Password Reset Automation

FastPass’s core strength lies in its automation, reducing the need for manual intervention and accelerating user onboarding.

Broad Compatibility with SAP Platforms

Our tool isn’t just an SAP password reset tool. It's compatible with any SAP instance, whether based on ABAP or JAVA, including platforms like HANA, ECC, and NetWeaver.

Almost 40 languages

...available for end-user interface

Dynamic User Verification for SAP Self Service:

Navigating the intricacies of SAP portal password reset becomes a breeze with FastPass’s dynamic user verification. Craft a malleable and robust security framework tailored to your requirements:

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Integrate various methods for a layered security approach in your SAP self-service password reset tool.
  • Includes advanced authentication with: OKTA, DUO, RSA, Smartcards, MS TOTP, Google TOTP, MitID, and many more
  • Manager Approval or approval by trusted colleague
  • PINs: SMS, E-mail, Help Desk

Accessibility & User Experience:

Access the FastPass portal from any device, ensuring continuous and unhindered SAP portal password reset capabilities, even on the move. Reset all SAP systems in one go, or let the user choose systems to reset – the process is fully customizable with FastPass.

What is the process for SAP password self-service?

  • The user identifies herself
  • The user selects what SAP-instance password to reset (optional)
  • The user verifies her identity with single-factor or 2-factor authentication
  • The user makes her own password assisted by the password policy
  • The password is written to the selected SAP instances

To understand the general requirements for a successful implementation of SSPR: FastPass Self-Service Password Reset Solution

FastPass SAP SSPR IT Help Desk

Help Desk as part of the secure user service

Some users will call the help desk. Even hackers might call the help desk and pretend to be a real employee (see the MGM case: LinkedIn as the Trojan Horse at MGM: The Rising Threat of Social Engineering in IT Security ).

FastPass offers a secure user verification to confirm the user’s identity before a new password is issued: FastPass Identity Verification Manager

Enterprise Scalability with SAP Self Service

Tailored for large-scale operations, FastPass is the SAP password reset tool that businesses need:

  • High Security Standards: A non-negotiable aspect for any SAP tool. Ensure your users' data and access remain protected.
  • Includes advanced authentication with: OKTA, DUO, RSA, Smartcards, MS TOTP, Google TOTP, MitID, and many more
  • Optimize processes to fit different user groups. Some based on language other based on security level.
  • Supports many SAP instances, to cover your test and development servers in addition to multiple production instances

The cost per SAP user is less than 35 US cents/user per month.


What SAP versions are supported?

FastPass supports the following SAP versions, but if you don’t see your version then please contact us – it is probably covered anyway. We support all ABAP and Java based versions.

Major versions: HANA, ERP(ECC), NetWeaver, S/4 HANA, CRM, SCM, SRM, Solution Manager.

Business Software: ADP, SAC, ABAP, AFS, BW, BI, P2, EBP, EP, XI, FICO, BPD, GRC, EHDM, ECC, HRMS, IDT, IBP, KW, IBP, PS, PP and SD.

Is the SAP portal cloud or on-premises?

You choose FastPass Cloud or the FastPass on-premises solution for your own domain. The two solutions are functional identical. Pricing is comparable between the two solutions.

What are the technical requirements?

For the Cloud solution FastPass needs a single small Windows server to connect to the target systems. On the server the FastPass Remote Gateway component is installed. From this server the connections are made to the SAP systems directly and for a local Active Directory, should that be present.

For the On-Premise version of FastPass a server needs to be installed hosting FastPass. If users are to be able to access the solution from Internet a DMZ server holding the FastPass WebClient needs to be installed on a separate server, an SSL certificate is needed on the server. Database wise an MSSQL database is used to store data, either using the customers MSSQL environment or on the server itself.

On the SAP systems:

On the ABAP systems, a function module needs to be created along with a service account with sufficient rights and authorizations. A document describing all the exact steps is available.

For the JAVA/UME type systems the SPML protocol is used.

Can FastPass connect via Secure Network Communications (SNC) to SAP?

Yes, with FastPass you can have FastPass connect via SNC.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Redefine your SAP experience with FastPass, a tool that embodies the zenith of SAP self-service password reset tools. Secure, efficient, and designed for the future.

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