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Hackers impersonate real users' identities to get a password

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Protect Your Organization Against Social Engineering Attacks

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding user identities at the IT help desk is paramount. Traditional manual processes are vulnerable to social engineering attacks, putting your organization's security at risk. It is true to say that user validation is the Achilles heel of Identity Management Solutions.

See a side-by-side comparison of a traditional password reset process with the FastePass verification and password reset. Not only is FastPass more secure but the process is even 50% faster than the traditional.


The Security Problem at the Help Desk

Help desks often face challenges in verifying user identities securely. Without robust authentication measures, help desk agents can unwittingly provide sensitive information to malicious actors.

MGM Hotels/Casino was breached partly due to a password issued from the help desk. To understand how it might have happened see this video reconstructing a true attack: Social engineering reconstruction.

Many service desk managers are concerned that a secure verification process in general will take longer time and thus be unacceptable expensive. However FastPass is the perfect Identity Verification Tool for doing end user verification. The FastPass solution is, however, a paradox in the sense that IVM delivers security AND 50% productivity gain. See this video of a side-by-side comparison with ServiceNow.

Consequences of Stolen Passwords

A stolen password from the help desk can lead to severe consequences, including un`authorized access to sensitive data, financial losses, and reputational damage for your organization. MGM Hotels/Casino reported that the attack on MGM in the autumn of 2023 cost more than $100M!

Current Help Desk Security Measures

Today, help desks typically rely on manual verification processes, such as asking security questions or requesting identification documents. However, these methods are susceptible to manipulation by social engineers.

It is important to understand that social engineers use two different strategies to pass the verification process:

It is important to understand that social engineers use two different strategies to pass the verification process:

  1. Have answers and tokens to the tests
  2. Avoid tests all together!

It’s well known that we with social media might be able to find much information about most people. So if you know what questions are being asked the hacker can prepare!

Stronger test might include voice and face recognition. For a more detailed discussion on this se this blog post.

A Strong Solution Vision

FastPass Identity Verification Manager (IVM) offers a revolutionary solution to help desks' security challenges. By automating and strengthening the user validation process, FastPass IVM ensures robust authentication while streamlining help desk operations. IVM solves as well the issue of surpassing the verification process as well as making secure tests!

Identity Verification solutions

How FastPass IVM Solves It

FastPass IVM leverages advanced authentication techniques to verify user identities swiftly and securely. Through intelligent validation algorithms and integration with leading ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, FastPass IVM enhances help desk security while enhancing user experience.

FastPass Infographic flow
  • Dynamic and contextual data from the user’s workstation and environment is used
  • The workflow will dynamically adapt to the users’ security profile
  • Information from many resources including Active Directory and external data is included
  • Comprehensive compliance reporting available plus SIEM integration
  • Remove privileged access from service desk supporters
  • FastPass IVM for password resets for AD, SAP, Oracle, IBM, LDAP and external WEB-services

Hackers use social engineering methods to con the service desk supporters to issue passwords for real users. Hackers can’t fool FastPass Identity Verification Manager to trust anything but facts. Give control to FastPass and stop the hackers!

IVM controls the entire identity verification process, to know your customer more. Instructing the service desk supporter what questions and tests to do depending on the user’s security profile. Remove the Service Desk privileged password. Trusted identity verification to secure help desk can be implemented fast based on FastPass templates.


Protecting Healthcare Users Against Identity Theft at the IT Help Desk

Read about the Challenges and Solution on how to combat Identity Theft for IT Help Desks in the Healthcare industry:

⟶ Protecting Healthcare Users Against Identity Theft at the IT Help Desk

Key Features of FastPass IVM

  • Automated user identification and validation processes
  • Protection against social engineering attacks
  • Seamless integration with ServiceNow and other ITSM platforms
  • Enhanced security through intelligent validation algorithms

More FastPass IVM Features

IVM Management Process Icon

Management Approved Process

Identity Verification Manager can be configured individually to the organization’s security requirements. Improve user experience in the identity verification process

IVM Group processes

Different identity verification processes for different groups

IVM can provide an unlimited number of different processes linked to user groups and you don't even have to compromise on user experience to maintain system integrity

Identity Verification Options

Identity Verification options

IVM can use many different tests to verify the identity of the person such as secret personal information, company information, contextual & dynamic info, tokens & more.

IVM Delievring passwords

Delivering passwords to the user

Can be delivered over the phone or to the user via SMS or private e-mail

IVM monitoring


Every step of the process is logged and available for monitoring and reporting to protect the users

IVM Integration to Tools

Integration to ITSM tools

Identity verification manager can be integrated into most modern ITSM tools, so the service desk agent sees IVM as a natural, integrated tools of the different services they provide to users

IVM Functional Details

Identity Verification Manager controls the verification process – the service desk supporter assists IVM. This is crucial to prevent skilled hackers with good social engineering techniques take control via the supporter. See table below.

- Identity Verification Manager
Workflow per-user groupYES
Workflow per operator-user groupYES
Transfer call to other agentYES
Standard templatesYES
Access to user secretsYES
Hide user secretsYES
SMS for verificationYES
Other Token types - Email, TOTP, etc.YES
Manager approvalYES
Match PC-identity to user's PC(s)YES
Check user's geo-locationYES
Check user's login patternYES
Check user's logon timeYES
Check user's failed logon timeYES
- Identity Verification Manager
Check user's last password change timeYES
Define proofing processYES
Check user's last Self-service operationYES
Check user's last IVM callYES
Check user's lock timeYES
Check user's expiry dateYES
Check user's manager dataYES
Mandatory elementsYES
Render password to userYES
Integrate to ITSMYES
Check user's data in external systemYES
Warn operator of possible fraud callsYES
Automatic logging of all proofingYES
FastPass Identity Verification Process

The IVM Process

When a user calls the service desk to get a password reset then the service desk supporter uses IVM to verify the identity of the caller. 

For each correct or trustworthy answer, IVM credits point to the call. When enough points have been reached, then IVM will release a new password, to be passed on to the user.

To reduce the risk of identity fraud all information related to the user will be logged for monitoring and analysis in our user verification solutions. All details can be configured individually for the verification steps to fit the organization’s data and infrastructure and security policies.

IVM Implementation

To achieve rapid results, IVM is delivered with templates that can be used as basic processes immediately. They correspond to a simple process, an average process, and a heavily secure process to protect its users from a wide range of identity fraud.

The templates can then gradually be altered or new ones can be added, as the service desk and IT security agree that adjustments need to be made.

This means that IVM can be installed and implemented very quickly.

The FastPass Identity Verification Manager suite currently covers

Identity verification benefits from the data and components of SSPR, so we recommend a combined solution.

Identity verification manager increases security and reduces the risks of social engineering, while SSPR delivers productivity and efficiency for both users and the service desk.

The combination of SSPR and IVM is a security solution with a strong business case.

FastPass and Service Now Integration

FastPass is Technology Partner with ServiceNow

FastPassCorp offers a secure and forced workflow certified by ServiceNow. The integration is available from the ServiceNow Store.


Integrations with FastPass Identity Verification Manager

To work well for the supporter at the service desk FastPass IVM must launch automatically based on category selection at the ITSM solution. FastPass is easily integrated with most ITSM solutions. Read this detailed article about how the integration works.

FastPass has been certified by ServiceNow. See example ⟶

FastPass is also certified by TOPdesk. See blog and example ⟶

FastPass has integration to Active Directory and Entra and Hybrids with Azure

FastPass integrates to application passwords like: SAP, IBM, Oracle, LDAP, SQL, Google and more

FastPass is available as a Multi-tenant solution for manages service providers, like MyPass for South Africa

FastPass IVM with ServiceNow chart

Defend Your Help Desk Against Social Engineering

Read our blog post on defending help desks against MGM-style social engineering attacks:

Defending Help Desk Against MGM-style Social Engineering

The cost of FastPass Identity Verification

The cost of FastPass depends on a few variables where the most important is the number of end-users.

  • Number of users
  • Other passwords than Windows to be included?
  • Functionality
  • On-premises or Cloud

If you want FastPass Cloud it is more expensive and if you have application passwords or advanced authentication tokens price will go up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Art of Deception book

If we want to take human error out of identity verification solutions and secure service desk, we must have an IT workflow controlling the agent. The process must be designed according to security specifications from IT security. There should be different processes for user groups with different security profiles. The tests must include many different items: data, tokens, and even manager approval, where needed.

The password reset process at the service desk can be an excellent industry-leading gateway for hackers to breach IT systems.

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