How to secure the password reset process in ServiceNow

User verification in the service desk has security risks – make it secure with FastPass and ServiceNow password reset process.

Password resets are prone to vishing attacks from hackers – FastPass protects your enterprise passwords.

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See the integrated verification process for ServiceNow with FastPass IVM


When a user has forgotten the corporate password, they phone and ask for a new one.

But how can the service desk analyst be sure that it is the right person at the phone? This is a well-known risk.


Password Reset in Service Desk

Self-service of Password Reset

How does it work?

When a user calls the service desk with a password issue the analyst clicks on the “password button” in ServiceNow password reset process and is seamlessly connected to FastPass IVM. IVM now takes control and commands the questions and test to be asked from the user. IVM even brings in dynamic and contextual data impossible for hackers to produce. Each user group might have its own workflow depending on security profile.

When the user is verified he can reset the password himself according to the password policy – see the video.

Supported credentials now are:

  • Smartcards
  • Q/A
  • SMS
  • Email
  • RSA
  • DUO
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • National credentials

Can I try?

You can test FastPass-ServiceNow in your own environment. We will help you do the necessary configuration. The easy way is connection to the FastPass Cloud, but on-premise is available too.

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FastPassCorp offers a secure and forced workflow certified by ServiceNow. The integration is available from the ServiceNow Store.

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What's the price?

There is no cost of the integration between ServiceNow and FastPass. The cost of FastPass IVM depends on the number of end-users and functionality. It is not an expensive security solution. A standard solution for a midsize account will be less than 25 cents/month/user.

For a normal POC there will not be any product costs.

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Will FastPass work with other stuff?

Out of the box FastPass works with Windows passwords, but if you need to verify SAP users for password reset you can do this too . You can even connect to Oracle, IBM, LDAP, SQL and many other corporate passwords.

Password reset as self-service for Windows is standard. You can even do self-service for SAP, Oracle, IBM, LDAP, SQL and many other corporate passwords too.

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