Partner event in Copenhagen

Friday the 23.rd of November we had a big event in Copenhagen with our international partners. We discussed and planned how to contribute to customers and partners and focus areas for 2019. After a long day with good discussions we finished off for show and dinner at...

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Nordea’s equity research on FastPassCorp

Nordea has initiated analytical coverage of FastPassCorp, registered at Nasdaq/FirstNorth/Copenhagen (FASTPC). The first analysis is available here: Nordea-FastPassCorp_Commissioned_Research_221018_28226_14892 Leading analyst is Claus Almer, Senior Equity Analyst....

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Overview of FastPass Enterprise release 3.6

FastPass 3.6 is now available! This version offers customers new dimensions in authentication, security and performance. Based on Rel. 3.5 FastPassCorp has released many subversions with important improvements. With 3.6 all these improvements are combined in FastPass...

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Data breach through deception

Several years ago one of the most well-known hackers Kevin Mitnick (see below) wrote a book on the art of deception, as the easiest way to get access to data and computer systems. Kevin Mitnick knows all there is to know about ways to breach into computer systems with...

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