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FastPassCorp moves to new headquarter

With the company’s ambitious growth plans we are happy that we have now moved to larger offices for our new headquarter. The future address is Gladsaxevej 376; 2860, Søborg, Gladsaxe – Denmark. This is still part of the Copenhagen area and we are as close to the...

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Password Obituary: But is the Humble Password Really Dead?

by Finn Jensen, CEO of FastPassCorp The humble password must have read its own obituary many times in recent years given the number of "Passwords are dead" articles that have been published. At a Gartner conference, I recently saw the headline "Walking dead – the...

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New office in Manila, Philippines

FastPassCorp opens its new office in Manila, Philippines. The newly opened facility is managed under EMAPTA and is based at the heart of the central business district, Makati. The office will house its Digital Marketing & Creatives team providing support for...

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Partner event in Copenhagen

Friday the 23.rd of November we had a big event in Copenhagen with our international partners. We discussed and planned how to contribute to customers and partners and focus areas for 2019. After a long day with good discussions we finished off for show and dinner at...

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Nordea’s equity research on FastPassCorp

Nordea has initiated analytical coverage of FastPassCorp, registered at Nasdaq/FirstNorth/Copenhagen (FASTPC). The first analysis is available here: Nordea-FastPassCorp_Commissioned_Research_221018_28226_14892 Leading analyst is Claus Almer, Senior Equity Analyst....

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Overview of FastPass Enterprise release 3.6

FastPass 3.6 is now available! This version offers customers new dimensions in authentication, security and performance. Based on Rel. 3.5 FastPassCorp has released many subversions with important improvements. With 3.6 all these improvements are combined in FastPass...

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Data breach through deception

Several years ago one of the most well-known hackers Kevin Mitnick (see below) wrote a book on the art of deception, as the easiest way to get access to data and computer systems. Kevin Mitnick knows all there is to know about ways to breach into computer systems with...

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Strong FastPassCorp growth in 2017

The company has the of February announced the 2017 result to Nasdaq/Copenhagen /FirstNorth in Danish language. In summary: Invoicing is up 23% yty from 2016 Net result before tax is up 6% A dividend of 2DKK/share will be proposed to the GA Recurrent revenue more...

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New Sales Director for North America

After several years of growth in North America FastPassCorp has decided to appoint Jeff Peterson from Boston Massachusetts as responsible for sales and customer relations. Jeff comes with a strong background in IT-security services and products and this gives him the...

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Facilitated Password Reset video

Facilitated Password Reset process has achieved much attention since we announced it in November of 2017. We have been asked to make a short video to help explain what it is all about. The new video is now available from youtube  Facilitated Password Reset Video . The...

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Large European financial institution goes with FastPass

A large European financial institution has today ordered FastPass Password Manager for corporate password self-service. The solution will contribute to security, end-user service and productivity in their password management. The contract has been made with a local...

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How safe are your passwords?

Ira Winkler writes in a feature in the CSO magazine : "How safe are your passwords? Real life rules for business to live by".  In a time where many articles argue for no passwords, Ira stays in the real world where IT-managers, CISO and support...

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New WEB-site available

New WEB-site available 30th of May 2017 The new WEB-site is now available. We hope it makes it easier for visitors to easily understand what FastPass is about and how value is made from the use of FastPass

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Strong 2016 results from FastPassCorp

We have today announced the annual results for 2016 to Nasdaq/Copenhagen SE. Profit more than doubled with strong growth in new users and partner commitments (Pressrelease in Danísh link) coupled with a positive cashflow. The board also announced a very strong growth...

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Strong results in 2015

Results increased with more than 80% in 2015 and we have seen a strong growth in new customers. We see in particular growth from Cloud service and Managed Service Providers. We expect continued growth for 2016. The solidity is 66% according to the balance sheet.  The...

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FastPass WEB security certified as Very High

WEB security certified as being Very High by independant certifier! We recognize that by being supplier of security and authentication software, our clients puts a level of thrust into our hands. To live up to these requirements all SW-development and testing aims at...

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Growing again in 2014

We have today announced the annual result for 2014 to NASDAQ/Copenhagen/FirstNorth. Results increased with 50% and we have seen new customers in many new countries for us. We expect continued growth for 2015. The Stock Exchange notice available here (in Danish))

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FastPass is blogging too now!

As a supplement to our news items we from now on have started our FastPass blog. The benefit of the blog is the opportunity for readers and followers to comment directly on the blog and in this way help us improve. We hope to see you as followers / subscribers to the...

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FastPass introduces new WEB-site layout.

FastPass introduces new WEB-site today with a new layout and content for the homepage. We hope the new design will help you find the information you are searching for faster and easier. Please let us know if there is other bits and pieces of information you will like...

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FastPassCorp announces FastPass Enterprise ver 3.4

FastPass Enterprise ver 3.4 introduces many new features to further improve end-user service, increase password security and productivity. In particular Remote-PC-unlock creates new value for users that is not available in traditional manual Service Desks. A new Help...

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Forgotten passwords is top complaints to IT Help Desk

Lost passwords are the biggest headache for IT helpdesks, according to a survey byDiskeeper and research firm Vanson Bourne. The survey showed 55% of 100 IT directors across the financial services, manufacturing and retail sectors cited lost passwords as the top cause...

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