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FastPass offers self-service password reset for users and secure verification of users calling in to help desks. FastPass specializes in the verification process and the related workflow:

For an overview of FastPass Self-service (SSPR) see: Self-Service Password Reset Solution

FastPass user verification for secure help desk: FastPass Identity Verification Manager

How to Make IT Help Desk secure pdf

How to Make the IT Help Desk Secure

Social engineering threats against help desks increase as witnessed by many large organizations, who have been attacked. To understand the threat and what to do see this one pager from FastPass:

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Self-Service for Password Reset

Identify the most important criteria for your password self-service solution

See the top 10 SSPR solutions for enterprises

Find information and videos relating to the FastPass SSPR product ⟶

Inspiration on implementing Self-Service of Password Reset solutions

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Identity Verification Manager

Understand the security risk against your service desk

Understand the financial risk against your enterprise from service desk data breaches

Find information and videos relating to the FastPass IVM product ⟶

Inspiration on implementing Identity Verification of Users solution

Despite many observers claiming that passwords are dead (or should be) most IT-systems still rely on passwords to prevent identity theft and hacking in general. For these organizations FastPass products help you make passwords and password processes:

Convenient for users:

It’s faster to reset and unlock a password yourself than having to wait for service at the service desk

Password synchronization means users only have one password to remember

Productive for the service desk:

Our ambition is to cut at least 90% of password calls to the service desk. This means lower cost and higher job satisfaction

Secure the process:

69% of IT departments have been targets of phone-based spear phishing (vishing). FastPass protects the service desk against social engineering to steal real users’ passwords

Prevent users choose known weak and breached passwords

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Contact FastPassCorp to discuss solutions to your situation

Solutions for Enterprise

FastPass Supports Various Systems and Integrations

FastPass and Service Now Integration

FastPass is Technology Partner with ServiceNow

FastPassCorp offers a secure and forced workflow certified by ServiceNow. The integration is available from the ServiceNow Store.

The FastPass Difference

FastPass Identity Verification Manager


Why the biggest industries trust FastPassCorp


“We have seen an 80% reduction in assisted password resets. We’re very satisfied with the product. It has significantly freed us up from frustrating and unrewarding password resets."

Oliver Holmes - Deputy Director, Technology and Operations


“We strive continuously to improve our service. It is important to us to deliver modern and simple solutions helping customers to a more efficient operation. The cooperation with FastPass is yet another step in this direction”.

Mads Jakobsen - Associate vice president for NNIT


“We have worked with FastPass for nearly 3 years now, and we have reached the objective for our project. As being one of the first FastPass SAP customers we had some initial challenges. FastPassCorp delivers however very dedicated and qualified support and we have for several years been very satisfied. Recently we decided to extend FastPass to all our international users, and will then reach 5.000 users.”

Hans Lauwers - SAP Technical Analyst
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The Ultimate Solution to Protect your Service Desk against Social Engineering

Social engineering is an essential step in 85% of data breaches!

Download and read this whitepaper to protect your service desk against social engineering.

  • Understand the threat social engineering is
  • Get insight into the vulnerabilities of your service desk
  • See what others are doing to protect the agents in the service desk
  • Learn how easily you can reduce the vishing risk

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How do you protect the enterprise passwords?

Passwords protect your data and your employees – but how do you protect your company passwords?

Get the Password Protection Plan as inspiration. It is a template of how ABCD corporation analyzes and organizes the protection of corporate passwords.

Filled with practical examples and operational checklists as inspiration for your situation.

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