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& Identity Verification Solutions 

Reduce costs & increase security in your Service Desk  

The biggest businesses in different industries trust FastPassCorp

Our products for midsize and large organizations

Secure workflow for your corporate passwords

Secure password reset for end-users for Windows, SAP, Oracle, IBM and other corporate passwords. Customers’ adoption rates more than 90%. Advanced authentication options. Different processes for different user groups

Secure workflow for the password reset process in service desks. Management controlled workflow for identity verification of end-users calling for passwords. Includes user secrets, tokens, management approval and dynamic and contextual data.

Password self-service and facilitated identity verification for organizations who want a cloud-based solution. Functionality as described for “Password self-service” and “Identity Verification”. Operated from AWS datacentres

The solution for managed service providers who wants to run multiple customers from the same solution, thereby reducing total operating costs. Functionality identical with the on-premise solutions

Provide a smooth work from home setup by allowing users to manage their passwords remotely

Synchronizing passwords from Active Directory to corporate systems and applications. Cover SAP (all variations), Oracle, IBM Z and IBM i, LDAP, SQL and many others. Short implementation time

FastPass means

stronger password security

and more productivity

for service desks 


FastPass is used worldwide delivering secure self-service

password processes to companies. 

Why FastPass?

Our products prevents data breaches in Service Desks where hackers usually impersonate real users to get password credentials. 

We help you achieve increased Service Desk productivity while reducing costs 

We have a vision for a holistic enterprise identity verification to protect users and service desk agents 

What our customers are saying about us

"We have seen an 80% reduction in assisted password resets. We’re very satisfied with the product. It has significantly freed us up from frustrating and unrewarding password resets.

We can quickly ensure our students receive the very best in learning and teaching.

I highly recommend FastPass. It is a comprehensive, enterprise solution with very high end-user acceptance. It is certainly a best in breed product—

clearly focused on providing secure password management. FastPassCorp offers excellent service and a technically robust solution. “


Oliver Holmes - Deputy Director, Technology and Operations

All-in-one password reset & identity verification solution

Password Reset Best Practices

Is vishing a risk to your company?

Start transforming your business with the leading self-service password reset

& identity verification provider trusted by industry leaders worldwide. 

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