The 10 best enterprise SSPR solutions

Find the best SSPR solutions for your situation

Self-Service Password Reset solutions make it fast and easy for end-users to un-lock and reset passwords in a secure process. The benefits are obvious: Higher satisfaction and productivity for users and the IT help desk – and the risk against passwords is reduced. 

With this guide, you can find the best SSPR solution

If you have decided that you need a new SSPR solution, which one is then the right one for you? 

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This website will help you figure out what is important for you and find the software solutions of most interest to your situation!

No solution fits everyone! Depending on your situation and requirements this guide helps you select the software or cloud solutions which are the right ones for you. You can then reach out to producers or resellers and find out more, to make your final decision.

This website helps you decide how different criteria will affect your business case and help you prioritize between the criteria.

The guide focuses on midsize and large enterprises. Many solutions for small or simple installations are not included in the guide.

We have selected 10 leading solutions. The list consists of solutions well known in the market already. If you want to compare add a new solution, then start matching it with your criteria list.

Many SSPR solutions are add-ons to other software within Identity Management, ITSM or AD services. 

SSPR solutions for ITSM

If you today are using software which includes an SSPR module, you must look at first. It might however not be the best for your SSPR objectives to increase productivity and ease of use for all users.

From our customers we hear that the primary objectives are: 

Productivity for end-users

Productivity for end-users

Productivity for the service desk

Productivity for the service desk 

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All SSPR software solutions support AD passwords with a basic functionality that can satisfy small and uncomplicated requirements. This guide is not intended for this segment. 

This website and guide is for organizations with complexity requirements and infrastructure which often also includes thousands of users. If you have a large organization spanning many countries or spanning many different divisions or departments, you want your SSPR solution to be functionally rich and flexible. You want to improve with innovative technology and solutions, and you must be sure that your SSPR software or cloud solution can adapt to your new situation. 

Example: You use Smartcard for MFA but will move to OKTA authentication within the next year. Your SSPR solution should then support user verification with Smartcard and OKTA at the same time. This requires a configurational flexibility, which many solutions don’t offer. 

This guide will give you an overview of criteria sorted according to importance. 

Example: If you have SAP passwords in addition to AD passwords you MUST have SAP password reset or you will lose an important part of the business case!

You will have a brief description of the 10 best SSPR solutions

You will find a functional comparison for all the solutions against the criteria.

This guide is from a decade of experience in the SSPR field. 

We have built considerable knowledge about SSPR implementation over the last decade. In this guide we present facts as we see them. We know FastPass better than other software products, so if you find errors in the description of other products please inform us, and we will improve the guide. 

Bias is not intended – but we can’t rule out that it might exist! 

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