Integrating FastPass IVM with Your ITSM System: Enhancing Service Desk Efficiency

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Why Integrate FastPass IVM with your ITSM system?

While FastPass IVM can operate independently, and many clients utilize it in this manner, integrating it with your ITSM system can significantly enhance your service desk's efficiency. This integration is particularly beneficial for identity verification, a common requirement in most service desk interactions.


FastPass IVM- ITSM Infographic

Initially, organizations often start using FastPass IVM for password reset processes. However, they quickly discover the benefits of extending this integration into other service desk processes. This seamless integration allows help desk agents to handle requests more efficiently and effectively. The integration consists of components as depicted above:

  1. ITSM to FastPass
  2. FastPass to ITSM

In more detail it looks like this:

ITSM Process Infographic

ITSM to FastPass

The purpose of this is to start IVM automatically. Triggering identity verification automatically, this integration reduces the workload of agents. It involves sending the end-user's username, proofing type category, and ticket ID to FastPass. This enables FastPass to enrich the ticket with necessary details. The ITSM system should be configured to trigger FastPass using a URL format like: <FASTPASSURL>?username=XXX&category=YYY&TicketID=ZZZ.

So simply put the ITSM system only needs to link to FastPass in the browser.

FastPass to ITSM

This aspect focuses on closing the ticket and enriching it with proofing data. Once identity verification is completed in FastPass, the ticket can be automatically closed. Additionally, details such as proofing results, scores, and agent information can be logged into the ticket. This integration typically utilizes the Json/Rest interface of your ITSM system and may require custom scripting depending on specific needs.

To ensure a smooth integration process, the following elements are necessary:

  • Integration account credentials (including secret, username, password, etc.)
  • Appropriate rights for the integration account, allowing it to close and enrich tickets
  • The URL for the ITSM system's API

We offer ready-to-use integrations for most platforms and are available to assist with any questions or customization needs. Our team can help tailor the integration to fit the specific requirements of your ITSM system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

By integrating FastPass IVM with your ITSM system, not only can you enhance security, streamline identity verification and ticket management, but you can also forward calls to other call groups, ensuring that issues are handled by the right team efficiently. This enhances the overall service desk workflow, reduces resolution times, and improves user satisfaction.

Contact FastPassCorp today to learn more about how we can customize the integration to fit your specific needs and maximize your IT service management capabilities.

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