FastPass MSP Password Reset Solution

Password and Security Solutions made for Your Clients, Users, and Customers

Improve Service Desk Efficiency and Security 

Streamline Password Reset Processes

Meet your customer requirements 

For most MSP with clients that have availed Help Desk Services, service desk calls related to password management issues are the most frequent type of calls, accounting for 20–35% of all calls.

In most cases, it is not easy for an MSP to turn self-service password management into profit. Questions on how will customers or users accept self-service for their passwords? What process is described in the contract? How will it affect prices? What are the consequences for Service Level Agreements (SLA)?

With FastPass MSP Password Management Solutions, you can meet your users' and customer's requirements without risking cost & security.

We can tailor-fit password solutions for service providers that cover passwords and credentials in the active directory along with our best team and best practices.

As a result, there is a low risk of data breaches for your clients.

What can FastPass do for your clients?

Fewer password calls for the service desk using our automated password reset tool

 Significantly reduce or eliminate cost for night and weekend shifts

 Reduce Monday morning peak loads to provide easier planning

 Reduce penalties for SLA breach

Compliance approved workflows

Easy report and documentation

Reduce cost for MSP

Increase your Revenue capabilities for the following areas

Manual password resets for Clients

Two-factor authentication for Clients

Reset a remote PC-cache password which is not possible with standard tools

Improved authentication process for additional business security

Password synchronization for Users


24/7 availability if it is not offered in the customer’s present contract

Solutions made for MSPs

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Endless features:

Our secure solutions are versatile enough to cater from a small business to a large enterprise. Our platform can give Service Providers control and convenience by helping you focus on productivity and efficiency.

Our solutions offer functionality and flexibility as FastPass offers individual configuration and customization for each user.

Enjoy a multi-tenant design to create substantial savings by having one system to maintain and operate across different users and customers

Freely customize the platform according to your own brand or unto the preference of your client.

Secure & Compliant according to the standard Support IT Security Workflow & GDPR Guidelines.


Choose your deployment model

Private Cloud (your own name) 

On-premise FastPass 

Choose your system

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In principle unlimited – in practice you will probably not have more than 50 (each with +500 users)

"The number of forgotten passwords per involved user per year has dropped from 1.6 to 0.3. This is an improvement of 83%!"


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