Self Service Password Reset with High User Adoption Rate

Create more productivity and successful end-user service with our Password Reset Management Tool

password-related calls to service desk

Reduced user password-related calls to service desk

On average, nearly 25% of calls are password related. If users can use self-service, most of these calls will be unnecessary, and the cost for the service desk can be reduced.

password reset best practice for high user adoption rates

High user adoption rate

FastPassCorp customers have often proved that adoption rates beyond 80%—even 85–95%—are achievable with the right solution and implementation of best practices.

easy implementation and compliant self-service password reset

SSPR is Easily implemented and compliant

Through FastPass process, all the configuration, customization and setup can be done, limiting the programming or scripting of the customer solution.

secure self-service password reset

What is SSPR or self service password reset?

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) is when the users reset passwords without additional assistance from an IT Service Desk.

User verification is done with alternate security credentials in his or her own device.

How Self-Service Password Reset Works

Does my business need a self-service password reset tool?

Do your users want 24/7 support for password calls? 
Are you about to increase headcount in the service desk? 
Do you want to reduce cost in the service desk? 
Are users working from home? 
If you can answer YES to any of these questions, then contact us to learn how FastPass can give a fast relief.

FastPass caters to all types of passwords: Windows / SAP/ Oracle / IBM i, and more.

FastPass supports Active Directory and Azure Active Directory users.

Considerations for Self-Service Password Reset implementation

With FastPass SSPR Manager customers reach 85-90% adoption rate. This translates to a very strong business case for users and the helpdesk when calls to the help desk for password assistance practically disappears!

With FastPass the users can reset passwords and do account unlock. FastPass covers all enterprise password types like Active Directory, Azure, SAP, Oracle, IBM and many others.

Management must organize the complete process to achieve the wanted productivity gains, which is the result of the functionality in FastPass SSPR and the FastPass Best Practice description:

Enrollment is needed for the registration of the users personal and secret information with the tool. FastPass can force users to enrol or execute an automatic e-mail invitation process. The two methods combined secures that all users get enrolled.

FastPass offers many authentication methods to ease the authentication for users. The principle is that users have free choice between the different authentication types approved by the security officer.

FastPass SSPR also offers multi factor authentication (MFA) for special users and situations like remote users. The methods include: Question/answers, SMS, TOTP, Smartcard, Authenticators, RSA and more.

Users can access FastPass from domain PCs and from a remote mobile device or from any browser. With Windows passwords it only works when the user can reset the password from his normal PC before Windows log-in, as this is exactly the user’s problem! With the use of the FastPass PC-client users can use SSPR even though the PC is ‘dead’!


Easy Implementation and High Security

You can install the FastPass application at your own server or from the FastPass Cloud. FastPass must have the privileged password for the password directory. Service password reset or privileged password reset is not the role of FastPass.

MSP organizations can use FastPass as a multi-tenant solution supporting many customers from just one FastPass server.

The administrator can with analytics easily plan the monitoring of users’ use of FastPass. How many resets per day? How many users have enrolled? What user is a frequent visitor of the service? This will be part of the auditing process for the controller.

cloud-based self-service password reset integration

You may choose to have your SSPR on-premise or through our cloud based integration with quick & easy implementation. The Cloud service gives customers complete data security and compliance by covering the full circle within password processes: Self-service and manual service desk support for passwords.

Having an SSPR Tool means

24/7 user self-service password reset

Helping your users

User self service password reset available 24/7

Easy password service for BYOD users (password change and                   expiration)

Password reset for remote PC’s password cache

Increased productivity

less cost and easier planning for service desk calls

Supporting the Help Desk

Time to do important calls

Fewer calls = lower costs

Easier planning when Monday morning peaks stop

reduced risk of business loss from data breaches

Security for your Company

Being able to avoid penalties and fines from authorities

Surely reduced risk of business losses from data breaches

Research shows user acceptance is a challenge in helpdesk tools

Service Desk Institute (SDI) research shows it is a challenge to get user acceptance when it comes to self-service password reset. FastPass, however, has helped a lot of businesses create very high adoption rates hence self-service password reset success is achievable. Download our free guide in successful SSPR implementation.




FastPass customers have often proved that adoption rates beyond 80%—even 85–95%—are achievable with the right solution and a best practice implementation

What our customers are saying about us

"We have seen an 80% reduction in assisted password resets. We’re very satisfied with the product. It has significantly freed us up from frustrating and unrewarding password resets.

We can quickly ensure our students receive the very best in learning and teaching.

I highly recommend FastPass. It is a comprehensive, enterprise solution with very high end-user acceptance. It is certainly a best in breed product—

clearly focused on providing secure password management. FastPassCorp offers excellent service and a technically robust solution. “


Oliver Holmes - Deputy Director, Technology and Operations

 FastPass Self Service Password Reset supports various systems

FastPass Self Service Password Reset covers all types of passwords (Windows / SAP/ Oracle / IBM i, etc.). FastPass supports Active Directory and Azure Active Directory users.

FastPass for Active Directory lets you start with an advanced and automatic platform for Windows Active Directory passwords. You can later add functionality as your requirements increase. Reach 90%+ adoption rate with forced enrolment and rich authentication options.

FastPass covers Active Directory, Multi-AD, Multi-forest AD, Azure AD, Hybrid Azure AD.

SAP password reset tool for Self Service or Synchronize:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all instances
  • Supports all SAP variations, and an unlimited number of SAP instances
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

Oracle reset password portal and synch for end-users:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all systems
  • Supports all Oracle variations, and an unlimited number of Oracle systems
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

Password synchronization or password reset for IBM i series, IBM Z and RACF:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all systems
  • Supports all Oracle variations, and an unlimited number of Oracle systems
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords


FastPass can be shared with MSP's clients to reduce password costs. It is fully customizable and offers powerful features that meets both customer and internal requirements.

FastPass for MSPs
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