2023: Best user verification at the IT help desk and password self-service for all user categories at a low cost per user.

The security dilemma for higher education: How to reduce the security risks without increasing the IT costs!

password verification for universities and higher education

Higher education and universities have very different types of users including:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Alumni

With FastPass you can optimize your workflows individually for the different categories!

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Security situation for universities:

  • Higher education institutions are often targeted by phishing emails and social engineering attacks. Cybercriminals attempt to trick staff and students into revealing sensitive information such as login credentials, personal data, or financial information.

  • Data Breaches: Higher education institutions store a significant amount of sensitive data, including student records, research data, and financial information. Data breaches can occur due to inadequate security measures, weak passwords, insider threats, or targeted attacks, leading to the exposure of personal and confidential information.

  • But you don’t have funds for investment and the operation of new security measures. So, you must live with it – or do you?
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FastPass might be the answer:

  • FastPass verifies staff and faculty users calling your service desk using system data, your present MFA methods and even the users’ devices -even though the user hasn’t logged in yet due to a forgotten password! FastPass verify students using details from your student on-boarding system and the students’ mobile phones. FastPass is easily integrated into your ITSM solution.

  • The FastPass cost per user is very low and your savings will – probably - be higher than your subscription.

FastPass Features

  • Customer defined processes per user group
  • Notification services for all actions to users and management
  • Statistics
  • PW-policy indicator
  • More than 30 languages
  • User interface can be matched with customer’s logo and typo.
  • On-premises and cloud
  • PC pre log-in (credential provider)
  • Remote PC-cache password reset (VPN)
  • Browsers
  • IOS/Android smart devices

One factor or 2-factor -users choose amongst listed options

  • Question/answers
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Manager approval
  • Colleague approval
  • Authenticators
  • Smartcard
  • RSA
  • OKTA
  • DUO
  • Forced enrollment
  • Without enrollment if data exists
  • Automatic and continued e-mail invitations
  • Specialized services for supporters at the service desk
  • User evaluation steps defined per user group
  • Verification based on PC data -even before login
  • Token based authentication
  • End-user reenrollment key for self-service
  • Integration to ITSM systems (ServiceNow and others)
  • Active Directory
  • Azure
  • Multiple AD including forests
  • SAP
  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • LDAP
  • IBM

Password Policy Enforcer:

  • Extends Password Policy for AD
  • Preventing “forbidden” passwords
  • Password expiration notification
  • Prevent breached passwords “Ihvebeenpawned”
  • Extends Password Policy for AD
  • Preventing “forbidden” passwords
  • Password expiration notification
  • Prevent breached passwords “Ihvebeenpawned”


Pricing depends primarily on:

  • Number of users
  • Other passwords than Windows to be included?
  • Functionality
  • On-premises or Cloud
Identity Verification solutions

Overview of FastPass for Universities

Our powerful software ensures that your help desk is protected against social engineering attacks and identity theft, while also empowering your users to securely reset their passwords whenever needed.

FastPass is the perfect solution for universities looking to enhance their IT security and provide a seamless user experience. With features such as multi-factor authentication, secure identification, and self-service password reset, FastPass helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems, all while reducing the burden on your help desk staff.

Benefits of FastPass for universities include:

  • improved security

    Improved Security

    Our software protects against social engineering attacks and identity theft, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data and systems. With FastPass SSPR, users can securely reset their passwords without the need for help desk assistance, further reducing security risks.

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    FastPass helps universities meet IT security compliance requirements and protect against potential legal and financial liabilities. By implementing robust identity verification and password reset processes, you can demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding confidential information.

  • Easy to use interface icon

    Enhanced User Experience:

    FastPass SSPR empowers students, faculty, and staff to reset their passwords quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere, without waiting for help desk support. This self-service functionality improves user satisfaction and productivity, leading to a more efficient campus community.

  • seamless integration

    Reduced Help Desk Workload

    With FastPass SSPR, your help desk staff can focus on critical tasks and strategic initiatives instead of spending valuable time on password reset requests. This streamlined process saves time, reduces costs, and enhances overall help desk efficiency.

  • reporting and analytics

    Real-time Reporting and Analytics

    FastPass provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, giving you insights into password-related trends and potential security vulnerabilities. This valuable information enables proactive measures to strengthen your security posture and optimize support processes.

FastPass offers the perfect solution for universities that need to improve their identity verification processes, comply with data protection regulations, and provide secure access to help desk services.

With FastPass, universities can ensure that their student, faculty, and staff data is kept safe, while also improving operational efficiency and providing an exceptional user experience.

FastPass Identity Verification Manager IVM Whitepaper

Secure Identity Verification of End-Users

Download our identity verification white paper to learn more about the benefits of FastPass and how it can help your university meet its identity verification needs.

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