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FastPass caters from Small Businesses, Enterprises to large Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 

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Our experts can give a swift yet reliable timeline to help your team implement in as fast as *7 days! 

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Increased productivity and lower costs are just some of the ROI highlights  


FastPass V4 - Secure Enterprise Passwords

FastPass V4 brings comprehensive password protection to secure organizations. Making passwords complex, avoiding the use of dictionary passwords and popular phrases as part of the password, changing the password regularly, and protecting the password processes will make your organization unattractive to hackers.

Why Trust FastPass?

Used by leading worldwide managed service providers to deliver secure self service password processes for their customers.
Being used by private and public organizations from 1000 users to +100,000 end-users.
Customer support is personal, fast and closely related to our customers.
Sold through local partners and distributors.
Experienced management team leading the vision for FastPassCorp.
A strong vision to make processes for passwords and other credentials secure and simple for end-users and service desks.
Security is by design and FastPass Enterprise and Cloud are regularly being externally penetration tested.
Partner with Microsoft, HP, Amazon and many other technology producers.
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