Secure your password processes with OKTA and FastPass SSPR

User verification at the service desk has security risks – make it secure with FastPass and OKTA

User authentication in self-service of passwords (SSPR) with OKTA auth.

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The Situation

Your service desk receives calls all day long from users seeking assistance for users who need to reset he password or unlock their account. With work from home this has even increased more. It means a productivity cost for the service desk and the end-users.

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Users with OKTA Verification

If all or some of your users already have OKTA authentication then you can easily help users get better service and reduce the workload (and new hires) at the service desk. FastPass with OKTA password reset is a self-service solution for users.

The solution is intuitive, and the users will use their OKTA authentication for end-user verification in a familiar way for them, and it is available right at the login Window.

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Users without OKTA Verification

If you have users in special departments or regions without OKTA verify, then these users can verify with other methods in FastPass with single factor or Multi Factor Authentication as you need.

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FastPass Users

For the few users who still call the service desk FastPass offers a secure process for user verification at the service desk: FastPass Identity Verification Manager (IVM).

The Solution

When a user fails at log in she is helped with a function button on the screen (even before Windows login) to initiate self-service. FastPass knows what verification process is required for the individual user (Different profiles for different user groups) and asks the user to complete the verification process. When this is done the user can reset the password according to the password policy.

With OKTA the user can choose among the factors the user is enrolled with, and depending on their group membership and location. The end-user can use the following OKTA factors in FastPass, Okta push, Okta verify TOTP, Okta SMS, Okta Callback, Okta Email, Okta Google TOTP or Okta Challenge/Response security questions. The factors themselves can be combined based on the user location and security group. E.g. when a user connects on the on-premise Lan, then OKTA SMS might be sufficient, but from Internet, the user might need other factors as well or only the Push feature. That can all easily be configured in FastPass. You might use many other tokens or methods for verification built into FastPass SSPR if the users don’t have OKTA.

OKTA FastPass solution

The result is:

  • A secure verification
  • Higher productivity for end-users
  • Reduced workload for the service desk
  • A complete logging for compliance review
  • Management can force new and better process instantly
  • Improve ROI for your OKTA investment
  • Prevent social engineering against the service desk and other support functions


Different verification processes for different user groups, and different verifications depending on the network the user accesses from.

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OKTA FastPass Verification Methods

PC cache password reset for remote workstations (work from home)

Easy and forced enrollment of users

Available for on-premise and from FastPass Cloud

Can be integrated with Identity Verification Manager 

How does it work?

FastPass looks up the user in OKTA and presents the user for the available choices based on the response from OKTA and the FastPass configuration. This is done through the OKTA API.

Supported  OKTA credentials now are:

  • TOTP
  • SMS
  • Call Back
  • Email
  • Google TOTP
  • Security Questions

Benefits of OKTA Integration


Self-Service Password Reset

  • Secure user identification with OKTA approved credentials in self-service
  • Differentiate identification process based on credential types ( SMS versus Authenticator)
  • Use OKTA knowledge for behavioral data (roadmap)


Identity Verification Manager

  • IVM uses OKTA credentials for secure identification
  • Differentiate identification process based on credential types ( SMS versus Authenticator)
  • Uses OKTA knowledge for behavioral data (roadmap)

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