FastPass for Oracle System Enthusiasts: Reinventing Password Management

FastPass: Enhancing Oracle Systems Portal Password Resets with Ingenious Automation

Stay in the Oracle ecosystem with FastPass, the paradigm for Oracle Systems portal password reset self-service. By intertwining avant-garde security standards with user-driven initiatives, we deliver a multi-faceted solution for Oracle password reset solution that beautifully encapsulates both the demands of today and the promise of tomorrow.

To understand the general requirements for a successful implementation of SSPR: FastPass Self-Service Password Reset


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Key Features

Custom-built Oracle Systems Portal Password Reset

Champion user independence with an unmatched self-service platform, facilitating multiple Oracle credential adjustments, ensuring streamlined operations, and peak efficiency.

Oracle Password Reset User Focus

Central to FastPass is our commitment to pioneering excellence. Our automated features considerably diminish manual touchpoints, propelling the password alteration process into a realm of user centric handling.

Flawless Synchronization with Oracle Platforms

Surpassing the norm of conventional Oracle password reset mechanisms, FastPass ensures seamless liaison with Oracle’s diverse suite, integrating effortlessly and ensuring fluidity in operations

Almost 40 languages

...available for end-user interface

Sophisticated User Verification for Oracle Systems:

Mastering the sophisticated matrix of Oracle Systems portal password reset is made intuitive with FastPass’s multi-tiered user validation. Prioritizing security, our system champions authentic access, ensuring password adjustments remain in the hands of rightful users:

  • Multilayered Authentication (MLA): Employing a diverse array of verification touchpoints, our system stands as a bastion against potential unauthorized access.
  • Versatile Verification Protocols: Depending on institutional guidelines and user inclinations, select from an expansive range of security queries, authentication PINs, and even advanced biometric verifications for augmented protection.
  • Manager Approval or approval by trusted colleague with audit log
  • PINs: SMS, E-mail, Help Desk

User-centricity & Seamless Experience:

With FastPass, operational boundaries are reimagined. Our portal, compatible across an array of digital interfaces, ensures that Oracle Systems portal password reset tools are consistently within arm's reach, fostering round-the-clock connectivity.

What is the process for Oracle password self-service?

  • The user identifies herself
  • The user selects Oracle
  • The user verifies her identity with single-factor or 2-factor authentication
  • The user makes her own password assisted by the password policy
  • The password is written to the Oracle system
FastPass SAP SSPR IT Help Desk

Protecting the Oracle passwords against social engineering at the help desk

Some users call the help desk to get assistance for a password reset, even when self-service is present. We know hackers call the help desk and pretend to be a real employee (see the MGM case: LinkedIn as the Trojan Horse at MGM: The Rising Threat of Social Engineering in IT Security ).

FastPass offers a secure user verification process at the help desk to confirm the user’s identity before a new password is issued:  FastPass Identity Verification Manager

Scalability for Enterprises with Oracle Affinities

Crafted with the complexities of large-scale operations in mind, FastPass is not merely an Oracle password reset tool. It’s a comprehensive milieu crafted for corporate complexities:

  • Uncompromising Security Measures: Recognizing the imperative nature of data integrity, our module adheres to the pinnacle of security benchmarks, zealously guarding both user information and system gateways.
  • Adaptable Operational Pathways: Acknowledging the distinctiveness of every corporate entity, FastPass extends the flexibility for organizations to curate workflows, ensuring the password modification procedure harmonizes impeccably with extant IT frameworks.
FastPass IBM SSPR Password Reset

What Oracle product and versions are supported?

FastPass supports Oracle Databases from Oracle9i and newer. For the Oracle E-Business Suite it is from version 12.2.3 and newer. It works for SQL clusters as well.

How does the connector work?

For Native Oracle Users: FastPass has prewritten Stored procedures that allows FastPass to set the password on native Oracle users.

For Custom user entries in databases: If an application does not use Native user entries, FastPass can still set a password on those users, providing the Encryption and/or hashing can be done from within the SQL.

Is the Oracle portal cloud or on-premises?

You choose FastPass Cloud or the FastPass on-premises solution for your own domain. The two solutions are functional identical. Pricing is comparable between the two solutions.

What are the technical requirements?

For the Cloud solution FastPass needs a single small Windows server to connect to the target systems. On the server the FastPass Remote Gateway component is installed. From this server connections are made to the Oracle systems directly and for a local Active Directory, should that be present.

For the On-Premise version of FastPass a server needs to be installed hosting FastPass. If users are to be able to access the solution from Internet a DMZ server holding the FastPass WebClient needs to be installed on a separate server, an SSL certificate is needed on the server. Database-wise an MSSQL database is used to store data, either using the customers MSSQL environment or on the server itself.

On the Oracle system the stored procedure provided by FastPass needs to be installed along with a privileged account with the correct permissions to reset the passwords. Finally the Oracle Instant Client is installed on the FastPass server and the connection string is added, we advise to use encryption by setting: SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_CLIENT to required.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At a time where agility and fortification reign supreme, FastPass emerges as the front-runner for Oracle-centric operations.

Symbolizing the acme amidst Oracle self-service password reset solutions, our offering is a combination of safeguarding, efficacy, and progressive foresight, poised to navigate corporations into a revolutionary chapter of password stewardship.

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