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FastPass Identity Verification Manager

In April 2020, FastPassCorp announced Identity Verification Client -IVC- as a new module for FastPass Enterprise. The FastPass Enterprise has for many years been highly regarded as the leading Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution in the market, covering all corporate passwords and available for on-premise and cloud. After 6 months we however see very high […]

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Identity Verification in Identity Management

Who owns Identity Verification in Identity Management? Almero Stein, Chief Technology Officer of Integralis sits down with FastPassCorp’s CEO Finn Jensen to talk about accountability of Identity Verification in an organization.  Q1:  Where do the real warm people belong in Identity?  Almero: Typically, we refer subconsciously to identities as warm body people, but it so much more.  Q2: How do we control

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