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Verizon DBIR 2020: "..the human element is the most important element to a CISO".

Gabriel Bassett, Information Security Data Scientist from the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report team says: “I think the human element is the most important element to a CISO”. 

Verizon publishes each year the Data Breach Investigations Report and the 2020 version is out now with a lot of important information for anyone in IT management. 

Finn Jensen, CEO of FastPassCorp interview experts in the video series High5, and Gabriel Bassett from Verizon has participated. The video gives new insights and depths to the Verizon DBIR 2020 report. 

The video shows the fascinating fact that the hacker society has a clear division of labor, to keep cost and time down! 

Gabriel sees a clear trend that it is the human aspect which is the high risk: 

“Prepare for the individuals to make mistakes – none of us are perfect.”  

“It’s important to support staff instead of punishing them for making mistakes” 

Pretexting is growing more than 50%: 326 incidents up from 213 last year. Why would a criminal hack anything if they can just ask for the money? 

For the future, then expect the hackers to increase attention at the individuals: “..as our tools get better at stopping malware and mitigating vulnerabilities, we’re pushing the attackers towards the point that will never be perfect, which is the human element. 

The best we can do is to support our organization and staff, and to prepare our security operations staff for the new things we might not have uncovered yet” 

Taking the human element out of identity verification : Know more about Identity Verification Client here.

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