High5 Series: Ethical Hacker from Denver explains how companies are attacked through Service Desks’ emotions

Brian Self a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) & ethical hacker has been interviewed by FastPassCorp’s CEO Finn Jensen about Social Engineering in Service Desks. Check out this new IT Security & Business quick vlog series called “High 5” launched by FastPassCorp:

Some of the key points Brian has discussed is how Service Desks play a key role in protecting the company from attackers “Every time I can, I include service desks & human processes if I can get it in scope, I want that in scope because that’s how companies are being attacked now, through social engineering. Most of the people out there who are doing this maliciously are looking for the easiest places, so I do want to test that."

He also mentioned that a lot of companies have even accepted that Service Desks can be one of the main weakness and as a result, they go on a path where they rather not test it. “It’s kind of sad,” Brian said.

Meanwhile, Brian also took his take on Identity Verification Manager of FastPass as this tool helps take out the emotions in Service Desk when a user calls for help when it comes to their credentials specifically, password resets. “FastPass IVM combined with best practices followed, Service Desks would get a security rating of 8 already, cause its removing the emotional piece that somebody is calling me and I'm supporting them and that’s what Help Desk for - help. IVM is removing that emotion and pointing out a lot of little pieces that are not overly challenging, not over threatening. It's easy for the agent to be able to ask these and just establish the real process and removing the emotion out.”

Know more about Identity Verification Manager, here.

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