5 reasons why users reject self-service password solutions

The first step in improvement is the understanding of your challenges! You might have experienced low adoption of your self-service of password reset (SSPR) solution like many others?

According to the Service Desk Institute (SDI) half of the organizations that implement SSPR (self-service password reset) only get a user acceptance of less than 25%. The self-service of passwords may sound like a simple change, but the research from SDI proves it's not.

With 10 years of experience implementing SSPR for large organizations, FastPassCorp has gained a deep understanding, why users prefer or have to call the service desk rather than to use a self-service solution.

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Moreover, in a few weeks, we publish the ultimate guide to self-service of passwords and its successful implementation. It will cover:

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  • Processes and implementation
  • Project management

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