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FastPass IVM certified for ServiceNow Store

FastPass IVM has been certified by ServiceNow for the ServiceNow Store. This means that ServiceNow customers now can find information about the integration between FastPass IVM and ServiceNow Store and can connect directly to FastPassCorp for download and a trial test.

With our legacy from the self service of password solution (SSPR) FastPass has always been seen as an important product to help service desks produce more quality support for end-users. Our experience shows us however that no matter how successful the SSPR solution is, there will always be users calling the service desk. Based on our HelpDesk module we received many requests for a more secure verification of end-users - not available previously.

With Identity Verification Manager customers’ service desks can now make a very strong secure verification of end-users. The security risk is, that hackers try to get a password for an important user from the service desk by impersonating a real user. They use advanced social engineering techniques to exploit human emotions. As IVM takes control of the verification process, the customer takes emotions out of verification.

The verification process must however be directly tied into the normal process for the service desk supporter. To help our ServiceNow customers we developed the integration to ServiceNow, so the supporter automatically goes from ServiceNow to FastPass when she gets a password call, and automatically returns when the password is issued.

With the integration to ServiceNow IVM can be used as stand-alone without the FastPass Self-Service Password Reset solution, making the solution of value for all ServiceNow customers.

ServiceNow has certified the integration between ServiceNow and the FastPass Cloud. The integration will work as well with FastPass IVM on premise.

For more details see Secure Password Processes with ServiceNow and FastPass.

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