IT Business Case for Managed Service Providers (MSP's)

MSP Business Case

Our primary route to market is through large Managed Service Providers, we deliver solutions globally on behalf of a number of partners.

Cost and productivity pressures are increasing in a market where margins are often single figures. Analysts forecast that between 2019 and 2021, the price per user will fall by a further 50%. The traditional remedy of delivering services via offshore service centres is no longer as attractive. Those rates are rising and end user customers are concerned over compliance.

Further pressure is being brought to bear on larger MSP’s as contracts are being disaggregated, leading to increased competition from smaller competitors. This will force MSP’s to invest in automation to gain an advantage.

Shifting left and delivering password resets via self-service is the obvious choice as password related calls represent a significant load. An additional challenge is the need to not only be price competitive but to demonstrate innovation. Providing continual business improvement over the life of the contract.


We deliver a set of solutions that not only meet those challenges.

But at the same time deliver a set of security and compliance benefits that add value for the end user and enable the MSP to justify the deployment.

The product is the tip of the iceberg. To maintain the trust and confidence of our partners we need to be able to work within their business as usual teams. Delivering a secure compliant service that underpins both a contractual relationships and business confidence.

With user adoption rates of over 90%, our holistic approach means that MSP’s achieve these objectives. Without the overhead of investing in skills and infrastructure to support and maintain the investment.

FastPass UK are by far the best 3rd party I have worked with. It was helpful that Nathan integrated himself into the team and worked collaboratively with us to achieve our objectives. I would like to thank you all for your time and patience in what is a challenging set of business and technical objectives.


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