SpearPhishing News - The IT Department is the target!

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To get access to the most critical IT resources the hackers now increase their attacks on the central IT departments to get passwords and other assets to complete their criminal attacks. The criminal actors have learned that standard Phishing doesn’t give results with professional IT staff, so the method now is spear phishing (or vishing (Voice phishing)).

In this Newsletter, you’ll see a curation of articles and blogs with research and statistics about this form of Social Engineering and published news related to real companies being breached by it!

  • Chapter 1: 69% of IT Departments have been Targeted by Vishing Attacks
  • Chapter 2: Prestigious Accounts Being Victims of Vishing Attacks Against the IT Department!
  • Chapter 3: MFA Fatigue: Passwords are still important
  • Chapter 4: 50% of Data Breaches can be Attributed to Leaked Credentials
  • Chapter 5: When can a password for Active Directory be a threat to your corporate IT-system?
  • Chapter 6: The Uncomfortable Truth about IT crime against Enterprises
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