Insights into User Verification at Help Desks

The social engineering against help desks stealing passwords is a growing problem and causes expensive data breaches. To prevent it you must have:

  • A compulsory verification workflow
  • Flexible user validation methods
  • Highly automated and integrated solution

Corvus Insurance: Attackers don’t break in; they log in

The extent of social engineering against IT help desks with associated costs have now reached an alarming level where Corvus Insurance encourages better protection against identity theft via the service desk: see the blog.

Integrating FastPass IVM with Your ITSM System

Discover how integrating FastPass Identity Verification Management (IVM) with your IT Service Management (ITSM) system can streamline user verification processes and enhance security at your help desk.

Learn more about the seamless integration and its benefits. Read more

Revolutionizing IT Help Desk Security with FastPass and ServiceNow

Explore how FastPass in conjunction with ServiceNow is transforming IT help desk security. This insight highlights the key advantages and improvements brought about by this powerful integration. Read more

User Verification at Help Desks

A comprehensive look at the importance of user verification at IT help desks and the strategies to ensure it is performed effectively. This article provides valuable insights into enhancing security and efficiency. Read more

How to Make Your IT Help Desk Secure

Learn the essential steps to securing your IT help desk. This piece outlines practical measures and best practices to protect sensitive information and maintain robust security protocols. Read more

FastPass Secure Identity Verification of End-Users Whitepaper ebook

Identity Verification: A White Paper

Dive into this detailed white paper on identity verification.

It covers the fundamental principles, challenges, and solutions related to verifying user identities in IT environments. 

Help Desk User Confirmation: The Achilles' Heel of IT Security

Understand why user confirmation is often considered the Achilles' heel of IT security at help desks.

This article discusses vulnerabilities and offers strategies to mitigate risks. Read more

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