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Keep your company up to date with the risks of Social Engineering as Finn Jensen, CEO of FastPasscorp discusses the latest hack trend – voice-based hacking (vishing)

The webinar is perfect for those in Information Security and front liners such as Service Desks, Help Desks, and all other Tech Specialists that is involved in Support IT operations as it further talks about prevention of such security breach through the right steps, techniques and tools.



What is Voice-based hacking (vishing)?

What are the risks of Voice-based hacking (vishing) for Service Desks / Help Desks?

How to prevent Voice-based hacking (vishing)?

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Wednesday, May 27, 4PM CET (Central European Time) | 10AM ET (Eastern Time)


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Finn Jensen

CEO of FastPasscorp


The average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million

62% of businesses have experienced a social engineering attack.

900 IT professionals from across the globe, rated social engineering as the biggest threat to help desk security