Web Based Active Directory Password Reset Self Service

Your all-in-one cloud-based self-service password recovery solution

fastpass cloud for active directorypassword reset

fastpass cloud for active directory

The FastPass Cloud service helps companies with a quick transformation to a web-based password reset solution.

The end-user gets to access a web portal from a windows PC even before log-in.

FastPass Cloud for 

fastpass cloud for password self-service

FastPass Cloud for fastpass cloud for identity verification manager


FastPass Cloud for 

fastpass cloud for remote user password reset

Available for:

web-based passwords for password reset

compliant data security for password reset

Complete & Compliant Data Security 

The FastPass solution to password resets addresses password security support by eliminating the possibility that a second person can know a user's password, even though they facilitate the reset. The assisted reset password process also directs users back to the self-service features, thus reinforcing its usage and increasing adoption. It creates a virtuous circle of self-service password reset features.

password-assisted calls to the service deskReduced password-assisted calls to the Service Desk 

On average, our clients have seen Fastpass as a helpful password recovery solution that improves help desk productivity above 80%.

password reset hosted in amazon data center

Hosted in Amazon Data Center 

Ensure smooth and secure cloud service giving convenience that is helpful for you and your users.

The Cloud service gives customers complete data security login and compliance by covering the full circle within reset password processes: Self-service Password Reset and manual service desk support for passwords. 

FastPass Cloud and FastPass Best Practices help our customers reach reductions in assisted password support calls (the service desk and help desk) with more than 80% compared to a standard of 20-40% with other solutions.

FastPass has been externally certified to be WEB-secure per industry standards: 


Gateway to Domain

The customer’s domain must be connected to the FastPass Cloud. This requires the installation of a FastPass software gateway. The gateway must have privileged access to reset your passwords at Active Directory.

The following is a high level summary of the requirements for integrating your site with the FastPass Cloud via the introduction of a locally installed FastPass Gateway.

step by step process for active directory password reset

The server itself can be physical or virtual. The server will need to have IIS installed, and .Net 3.5 SP1 present.

The following accounts/groups will need to be created: 

FastPass IIS User

Generic user account. Will need ‘log on as a service’ permissions on the FastPass Gateway server

FastPass GatewayAdmin

Generic user account, no special permissions 

FastPass Gateway Admins

 Security group. Sole member should be ‘FastPass Gateway Admin’ 

FastPass Domain Admin

Generic user account. Should either be part of the ‘Domain Admins’ group or have delegated rights to perform a password change/account unlock against the appropriate user OUs

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