One password across all applications

Synchronize passwords from Windows / AD / Azure AD to your ORACLE applications

Easy to use self-service portal for all instances 
Direct Oracle password reset 
Reduce workload in your Help Desk and strengthen security 

Some organizations have specialty needs when it comes it to giving users a solution where they can specifically reset or unlock an Oracle password.  

Some also want users to only have one password across multiple systems like Oracle and Active Directory. 

With FastPassyou can achieve this efficiency with password synchronization. 



FastPass Sync provides easy integration into multiple Oracle systems from a single implementation.


The stored procedure has to be installed before the connector will work.

We require the following parameters to be configured in the Administration Client to be able to access an oracle server.

Frequently Asked Questions

As simple as a single Virtual Windows server is needed (2012-2019). To intercept the Windows password, you’ll also install FastPass Interceptor on all Domain controllers. A service account is needed for each Oracle instance along with a small ABAP program.

The cost would be per user and this covers unlimited number of Oracle instances. For a subscription model the cost is only around 20-30 cents per month per user.

The servers are only active when a password change occur. The load on the servers depend on number of Oracle instances and number of password changes. It will in general not be noticed, but if many users simultaneously change password, we can expect some bit of load on the FastPass servers (max of xx users / 10 seconds).

We offer monitoring and operational standards for the ongoing operation of FastPass Sync.

Yes we do. FastPass Sync can also support:

IBM X, IBM Z, SAP, Microsoft SQL, LDAP, Google, eDirectory

"The number of forgotten passwords per involved user per year has dropped from 1.6 to 0.3. This is an improvement of 83%!"


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