One internal cloud service can be shared with all your customers to reduce password costs

The best managed service provider password self-service include:

  • Customized per customer for self-service of password resets
  • Password policy enforcement with filter for frequent passwords
  • Authentication with multiple authentication methods
  • IT workflow for facilitated password reset in the service desk

MSP password manager for self service

For practically every Managed Service Provider (MSP), service desk calls related to password issues are the most frequent type of calls, accounting for 20–35% of all calls. However, it is not easy for an MSP to turn self service manager into profit. Will customers accept manager self service? What process is described in the contract? How will it affect prices? What are the consequences for Service Level Agreements (SLA)?

 Despite these issues, there is no doubt that the total value for an MSP and its customers will increase by introducing password self service. The question for the MSP is how to make it profitable for the business.

The unique consideration from a managed service provider or outsourcing company is that customers are different! So any kind of password service must be individually configurable for the password manager for MSP. At the same time MSPs have a very high pressure for productivity to keep costs down. This calls for a standardized solution with low operational cost.

The answer is a cloud solution – public or private cloud – with true multi-tenancy where the password service can be operated from one system, but be delivered as an individual service for all customers.

The requirements from Managed Service Providers (MSP) are meanwhile identical to large companies’ requirements but are also unique and different!

User features that make FastPass attractive to customers:

The MSPs need to offer the same degree of functionality and flexibility as a large company requires for password self service. Indeed, the MSP needs an additional layer of flexibility, as the future requirements from new customers are unpredictable. This calls for password solutions where each customer can be configured completely individually. With FastPass MSP password management, each customer can be configured completely individual.

The uniqueness of FastPass MSP password management is, however, the multi-tenant design, which is the fundamental base from day one of the design of FastPass. In other words, it means substantial savings for MSPs when you only have one system to maintain and operate across all customers.

As MSP you can operate your own FastPass cloud in your own brand, or you can even produce your password resets from the FastPass Cloud, which means fast enablement!

Large customers today, however, demand IT-security and GDPR compliance, as much as they ask for low cost! FastPass enterprise password managers deliver the complete workflow to support IT-security and GDPR compliance in the facilitated password reset process.

MSP password manager self service with FastPass reduces total costs:

  • Fewer password calls for the service desk
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate cost for night and weekend shifts
  • Reduce Monday morning peak loads to provide easier planning
  • Reduce penalties for SLA breach

It is not easy for an MSP to turn self service into profit, but with FastPass it’s possible.

The ability to generate new revenue depends on present service agreements and contract terms, but we have seen the following opportunities:

  • Charge for manual password resets
  • Charge for two-factor authentication
  • Charge to reset a remote PC-cache password -not possible with standard tools
  • Charge for an improved authentication process
  • Charge for password synchronization
  • Charge for 24/7 availability if it is not offered in the customer’s present contract.

Customers’ and internal requirements

Customer’s requirements

Customers can be quite diverse, despite sharing some similarities which enable the MSP provider to benefit from economies of scale in operating and managing the MSP password manager software solution.

MSPs can have simple customers who use only one AD and at the same time have customers who employ multiple AD and  SAP’s, IBM and Oracle systems. Different authentication methods would be used alongside different languages across the world, as well as different server and workstation platforms etc.

To benefit from economies of scale both simple and complex customers should be handled and operated using the same MSP password manager solution. Therefore your requirements would be decided by the most complex (and probably largest) customer. At the same time, you need to be able to create a shorter, simpler version for your ‘typical’ customer. 

Internal Requirements

The most fundamental requirement for MSPs is a multi-tenant architecture, which permits many different organizations to use the same physical solution for different processes. For some, this will be a cloud or private cloud solution.

Therefore, to achieve true multi-tenancy, each customer should be able to access the same processes and procedures as if they had implemented their own unique in-house solution.

If you can’t offer this, there is a high probability that customers will request their own on-premise solutions during the decision-making process. When this happens, your productivity will be drastically reduced!

What’s important?

All large MSPs have individual requirements. In particular, this includes how customer pricing is done. Therefore, we work with different business models to engage in a true partnership with MSPs. Call us and let us together find the best cooperation model for password self-service for you and your customers!

You can however not compromise on WEB-security! With FastPass you get a secure and certified WEB-solution no matter what product or service you choose from FastPassCorp. We work to the highest standard for WEB-application security and the product is certified for WEB-application security for PCI/DSS, Owasp, SAN Cyber, please link to WEB-security

Above all, our large MSP partners work with different FastPass deployment models:

  • Private Cloud (even in own name)
  • FastPass Cloud
  • On-premise FastPass

Read more about FastPass Solutions

FastPass covers the important password manager processes for self service of passwords with a compliant and secure process for the facilitated password reset process in the service desk. The results are high productivity and ease-of-use for all types of corporations.

FastPass covers all types of passwords (Windows / SAP/ Oracle / IBM i, etc.). FastPass supports Active Directory and Azure Active Directory users.

FastPass for Active Directory

FastPass for Active Directory lets you start with an advanced and automatic platform for Windows Active Directory passwords. You can later add functionality as your requirements increase. Reach 90%+ adoption rate with forced enrolment and rich authentication options.

FastPass covers Active Directory, Multi-AD, Multi-forest AD, Azure AD, Hybrid Azure AD.

FastPass for SAP

SAP password reset tool for Self Service or Synchronize:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all instances
  • Supports all SAP variations, and an unlimited number of SAP instances
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

FastPass for Oracle

Oracle reset password portal and synch for end-users:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all systems
  • Supports all Oracle variations, and an unlimited number of Oracle systems
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

FastPass for IBM

Password synchronization or password reset for IBM i series, IBM Z and RACF:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all systems
  • Supports all Oracle variations, and an unlimited number of Oracle systems
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

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