SAP Password Reset Tool for Self Service or Synchronize

Let SAP users reset SAP passwords at password portal

Easy to use secures high adoption

Supports all SAP variations, unlimited number of SAP instances

Combine with other passwords

Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

SAP password reset self service and synchronization

How do you help SAP users handle the issue of forgotten and locked passwords? In modern work-life, they want to log-in 24 hours 7 days a week. Most companies don’t have continued availability from the IT service desk due to cost. The answer is a password self-service. FastPass helps you achieve financial, compliance and productivity requirements

Some organizations need to give users a solution where they specifically can reset / unlock the SAP password = Direct SAP password reset! Other organizations want users to share passwords across multiple systems like SAP and Active Directory. Here FastPass synchronizes passwords from Active Directory to the SAP instances.

Do you want SAP password reset with self-service?

For security, you may need to have different passwords for the AD and for SAP. It might be of technical or security reasons but means you must give users a choice between self-service of Windows passwords or SAP passwords when they arrive at the password self-service portal. You can let users have one SAP password across all SAP instances, or users can have different passwords for each SAP instance.

With FastPass Enterprise you can easily configure access to SAP and define the processes for user enrollment and user authentication. You can see more information on FastPass Enterprise here 

With FastPass Enterprise you can also do password synchronization for some instances, and direct SAP password reset for other instances. In this way, your investment is protected no matter what the future will bring regarding your SAP password resets.

Make it work

Success with the SAP password reset self-service tool relies on

  • Enrollment
  • Accessibility
  • Authentication
  • Assistance

The FastPass best practices model helps you reach 85-90% user adoption.

  • Enrollment can be forced or driven by automatic email service.
  • Users can access the FastPass self-service portal from anywhere and from any device.
  • Authentication can be 1 or multi-factor authentication. Many authentication methods available, among them, are Microsoft authenticator, Challenge questions, smart cards, SMS, and many more.
  • If the user for some reason calls the service desk for assistance, then FastPass Help-Desk client or the more advanced Facilitated Password Reset secure productivity and compliance.

Technical implementation of the SAP password reset self-service tool includes FastPass standard ABAP code to be added to the SAP instances.

FastPass Enterprise Password Manager for SAP is available as a cloud solution or as an on-premise solution.


In the user portal, you can add password self-service reset for other passwords like Active Directory, IBM X-series, IBM i-series, Oracle and Oracle applications, LDAP, Google, and many others.

SAP password synchronization

Do you want to synchronize passwords from Windows /Active Directory (AD) to your SAP systems and instances?

With FastPass Flex you get a software solution where you fast and easy can configure the synchronization from AD to SAP. Even when you have many SAP instances FastPass will synchronize every time a password has been changed to all the user’s SAP instances.

With FastPass Flex you can easily combine password synchronization with self-service of passwords for Windows passwords when users forget their AD password or is locked out.

Pricing for purchase / rental or Cloud is flexible and depends on your number of users and the functions you choose.


”We strive continuously to improve our service. It is important to us to deliver modern and simple solutions helping customers to a more efficient operation. The cooperation with FastPass is yet another step in this direction”.

Mads Jacobsen
 Associate vice president

... seen an 80% reduction in assisted password resets. We’re very satisfied with the product. It has significantly freed us up from frustrating and unrewarding password resets

Oliver Holmes

Deputy Director, Technology and Operations

... The numbers have grown to the point that it would be impossible to operate in today’s busy environment without a password management service



FastPass handled 2,531 password calls, or more than 80% of the total password calls from all the users.

Per Kristensen

Project manager


...we have met our Customers’ Service and Cost Improvement challenges by reducing our call abandon rates by over 55% and our average wait times by over 60%, despite our overall budget being reduced.

Pete Townley

Lead Service Delivery


… about 90% use FastPass to reset their passwords. So we’ve seen a substantial reduction in calls to the help desk.

Winston Hughed

Vice President IT


We are very pleased with the product.  Fast pass has simplified password management and eliminated many password related calls


Chuck Mick

ERP Manager

Nyrstar has chosen FastPass to automate and improve the processes related to users’ forgotten passwords. This has improved user satisfaction and reduced the workload in the IT HelpDesk.

The number of forgotten passwords per involved user per year has dropped from 1,6 to 0,3. This is an improvement of 83%!

Hans Lauwers



... The numbers have grown to the point that it would be impossible to operate in today’s busy environment without a password management service

Haydn Tarr

IT Technical Lead & Coordinator


Our employees use it to synchronize their Windows password with their IBM i password when they need to be changed every 90 days due to compliance. We find this is a quiet, behind-the-scenes way for our employees to change and remember their passwords.”

Larry Marxen

Director of Information Systems


Varde Kommune

In October 2012 Varde Municipality implemented FastPass Password Manager to reduce the number of such calls to the service desk. And in just four months it has led to visible results— from 137 monthly calls to the service desk in October 2012 to just 22 calls in January 2013. The number of calls has now been reduced by over 80 percent.

“This is a significant win for the service desk. We do not need the ‘trivial’ task of creating new passwords, and users avoid all the time waiting to get through to the service desk. At the same time, the municipality has been given more flexibility helping employees working around the clock. With the new solution, users are no longer subject to the service desk being open, as the user can obtain a new password after authenticating themselves”

Lea Dragsbæk

Varde Municipality

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