Are your service desk processes prepared for users working from home?

Reset passwords on remote PCs via your VPN

  • Users can reset passwords on remote portable PCs belonging to the domain
  • Reuse of your VPN infrastructure
  • Users are not involved in technical steps
  • Very strong business case

Many IT-organizations are unprepared for the massive increase in connections, infrastructure and VPN which this will demand. Where nearly all other sectors suffer from COVID-19 then the IT-infrastructure firms are busy.

FastPass has for many years offered password reset for remote PC through self-service.


  • 1 User activates ‘dead’ PC with the FastPass PC-client
  • 2 User authenticates with user secrets or token
  • 3 Password is reset at Active Directory
  • 4 FastPass activates the user’s VPN connection to get Windows to reset the PC password to conform with the AD-password
  • 5 The user can now log-in to Windows with the new password


Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 11.34.17

The biggest businesses in different industries trusts FastPassCorp

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