SAP Portal for Password Reset Self Service

What is a SAP password portal?

A portal where SAP users can reset their SAP passwords without assistance. Before password reset and unlock the user must verify herself. This can be done with MFA devices, SMS and E-mail pins, manager approval and questions and answers.

When verified the user will be assisted by a password meter presenting the password policy for the password.

When all is done the user can return and use the new password immediately.

What SAP versions are supported?

FastPass supports the following SAP versions, but if you don’t see your version then please contact us – it is probably covered anyway. We support all ABAP and Java based versions.

Major versions: HANA, ERP(ECC), NetWeaver, S/4 HANA, CRM, SCM, SRM, Solution Manager.

Business Software: ADP, SAC, ABAP, AFS, BW, BI, P2, EBP, EP, XI, FICO, BPD, GRC, EHDM, ECC, HRMS, IDT, IBP, KW, IBP, PS, PP and SD.

Is the SAP portal cloud or on-premises?

You choose FastPass Cloud or the FastPass on-premises solution for your own domain. The two solutions are functional identical. Pricing is comparable between the two solutions.

What are the technical requirements?

For the Cloud solution FastPass needs a single small Windows server to connect to the target systems. On the server the FastPass Remote Gateway component is installed. From this server the connections are made to the SAP systems directly and for a local Active Directory, should that be present.

For the On-Premise version of FastPass a server needs to be installed hosting FastPass. If users are to be able to access the solution from the Internet a DMZ server holding the FastPass WebClient needs to be installed on a separate server, an SSL certificate is needed on the server. Database-wise an MSSQL database is used to store data, either using the customers MSSQL environment or on the server itself.

On the SAP systems:

On the ABAP systems, a function module needs to be created along with a service account with sufficient rights. A document describing all the exact steps is available.

For the JAVA/UME type systems the SPML protocol is used.

What is the annual cost for the SAP password portal solution?

Price depends primarily on ...

  • Number of users
  • The annual subscription for 5000 users is less than 50 cents/user per month.
SAP Portal
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Will the help desk use the same portal to verify users’ identity?

The help desk will use the same information and MFAs as the self-service solution. It will however have its own forced processes to protect against social engineering like the MGM attack.

Can FastPass do password synchronization to SAP instances?

Yes, FastPass has a password synchronization solution. This requires an on-premises solution where interceptors can read the user’s password in clear text at the domain controllers. Contact us for more details and price.

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