Password Synchronization for IBM Z and RACF

Password self-service and synchronization for IBM Z and RACF

How do you help IBM Z users when they have issues with forgotten and locked passwords? The user of today wants to use IT-systems 24 hours 7 days a week. Many enterprises don’t offer full-time availability from the IT service desk. The solution to the password issues are password self-service. FastPass Password Manager helps you achieve compliance, financial and productivity targets.

Many enterprises benefit from the the FastPass Password Manager’s ease of use for IBM passwords. Some corporations need to give users a solution only for the IBM and RACF password = Direct password reset. Some companies want to have only one password and let FastPass synchronize passwords from Windows / Active Directory to RACF user repository.

If your IBM system is critical from a security point of view, then you can have different passwords for your different critical systems. Users can then make a direct IBM password reset for the IBM system from the FastPass WEB-portal, where they also can reset their Windows passwords.

With FastPass Enterprise Password Mgr you can  configure access to IBM Z and define the user processes for enrollment and user authentication. You can see more information on FastPass Enterprise here LINK

Synchronize passwords from Windows /Active Directory  to IBM Z

FastPass Enterprise gives you a solution where you fast and easy can install the synchronization from Active Directory to IBM Z.

Please see video to understand the principles: LINK

With FastPass you can easily extend password synchronization with self-service of passwords for your Windows environment when AD password is forgotten or is locked.

Pricing for purchase / rental  is flexible and depends on your specific configuration. You can see more information on FastPass Enterprise here

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