1 or 2-Factor authentication with:

  • Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, DUO
  • Smartcard, Phones (SMS), Code-cards
  • Questions: Standard and individual

All users enrolled:

  • Forced enrolment
  • Automatic e-mail service
  • Upload

From everywhere with any device:

  • Active Directory, Azure AD
  • SAP, IBM Z, IBM i, Oracle
  • LDAP, SQL and most other


  • Cloud
  • On-premise
  • Managed Service Provider version

Corporate password requirements

What is Enterprise Password Management? 

“Architecture, organization and activities to secure the password handling by users and authentication office. Includes decisions on authentication, password policies, self-service of passwords and facilitated password reset”. Do you want self-service of passwords? Do you want secure and compliant password processes? Think FastPassCorp!!

FastPass offers enterprise password management solutions for all types of large organizations. It includes on-premise and cloud offerings. You can select basic solutions for Windows Active Directory at budget cost or very advanced multi passwords solution for SAP, Oracle, IBM and others for unlimited number of users. For Managed Service Providers we have FastPass MSP version as a private cloud offering.

Corporate password requirements

  • If you think password self-service, then think adoption success!
  • If you think password compliance, then think assisted password process!

All our offerings are designed to be easy to implement. In large installations and configurations, we have however focused on the needs for configurability to match each individual large customer’s functional and security needs for the password processes.

The FastPass solutions are used by large organizations world-wide. Often our technology is used by large partners who brand the service in their own name – so you might have used FastPass without knowing!

FastPass offerings

Find the right solution for you from the FastPass offerings:

FastPass Enterprise

FastPass Enterprise covers self-service of passwords with a compliant and secure process for large organizations. The results are high productivity through high adoption and ease-of-use for all types of corporations.

FastPass Enterprise covers all types of corporate passwords (Windows / SAP/ Oracle / IBM i, etc.)

FastPass for Active Directory

FastPass for Active Directory lets you start with an advanced and automatic platform for AD passwords. You can later add functionality as your requirements increase. Reach 90%+ adoption rate with forced enrolment and rich authentication options.

FastPass covers Active Directory, Multi-AD, Multi-forest AD, Azure AD, Hybrid Azure AD.

Password Synchonization

For medium and large organizations password synchronization is a quick and effective way to help users having fewer passwords to remember.

FastPass synchronizes automatically all password changes from Active Directory to your other types of corporate passwords like SAP/Oracle/IBM. Even when users have different user-ids FastPass will synch correctly.

MSP Password Self Service

FastPass MSP is a multi-tenant solution to share with all your customers to reduce password costs.

  • Customized per customer for self-service of password resets
  • Functionally like FastPass Enterprise
  • IT workflow for a facilitated password reset in the service desk

Facilitated Password Reset

FastPass (FPR) introduces a management defined process for manual verification. The verification process is matched to different security profiles for different groups. The service desk agents don’t need privileged passwords anymore. FPR uses dynamic and contextual information to help authenticate the users in addition to the management approval process.

FPR reduces the risk for data breaches and the costs associated with IT crime and is used with FastPass Enterprise.

FastPass Cloud

The FastPass Cloud service is a web-based password manager for medium and large companies who want to improve productivity and security related to password self-service processes in a simple and fast way. Users get access to a WEB-portal, even from a Windows PC before log-in!

FastPass Cloud covers all popular corporate password types like Windows / Active Directory, SAP, IBM Z, IBM I, Oracle, SQL, LDAP, and others.

Pricing depends on your functional requirements and user-count. You can, of course, choose between purchase and subscription agreements. Contact us or our partners to get an individual quote.
No matter what FastPass solution you choose it is WEB-application secure according to industry security standards:
  • PCI

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Details of Enterprise Password Management

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Self-service functionality for end-users

  • Password reset for forgotten passwords
  • Password unlock
  • Password change using active password
  • Enrollment to the self-service giving information for authentication in self-service
  • Language decided by Windows/browser choice or user’s individual choice from a selector. More than 20 end-user languages.

Enrollment of end-users to the password manager

  • Forced enrollment for users on domain PCs. Requires FastPass PC-client
    • Configurable when to be active. Different choices of user actions.
  • Automatic e-mail service to users to enroll
    • Configurable when to send invitation and when to send reminders
    • Customer makes text for different languages and different user groups.
  • Corporate data
    • Data available in customer’s system like mobile-phone number and corporate data can be imported or be used directly by FastPass. In some situations users, don’t need to enroll.

End-user access to enterprise password manager

  • On domain from PC before Windows log-in: FastPass PC-client
  • External net from PC before Windows log-in: FastPass PC-client. FastPass even reset password on PC-cache. Requires customer VPN and internet connection. Can be WIFI connection
  • WEB-portal intranet
  • Webportal extranet
    • PC
    • Smartphones (iOS, Android)
    • Tablets (iOS, Android)

Account protection in the password manager solution

  • FastPass locks after X attempts
    • Can only be reopened by Service Desk Role
  • Requires security certificate on device
  • Can be limited to specific IP-addresses
  • Only available for active AD user-ids
  • Notification to end-users when their FastPass account is being used

Password expiration notification

  • Users can be notified before AD password expiration
  • In particular valuable for remote users
  • Smartphone and tablet users can change passwords directly on portal

Corporate password types – different connectors

  • Covers most popular corporate password types:
    • Oracle
    • SAP
    • IBM Z
    • IBM ISeries, AS400
    • SQL
    • LDAP
    • Google corp
    • Generic connectors for other types of applications
  • Password reset as above is available
  • Synchronization from AD to any and all of the connectors

End-user authentication when using the corporate password manager

  • Semi-private questions
    • Standard list controlled by administrator
    • Number of questions for authentication configured by the administrator
    • Number of questions for enrollment configured by the administrator
    • Questions and answers encrypted
    • Question and answers visible by privileged persons like service desk agents
  • Private questions
    • Standard list as above
    • Questions formulated by the end-user herself
    • Data are encrypted and hashed
    • Answers not available for any-one
  • SMS
  • Private e-mail
  • AD user-id authentication
    • For authentication for other password types than AD then the password for AD user-id can be used
  • Code-card
    • Printed small card with coordinates
    • The user is asked to enter specific coordinates proving that he has this card
  • Out-of-band (OOB) authenticators
    • Google authenticator
    • Microsoft authenticator
  • 2-factor authentication
    • The administrator can configure two different types to be used in combination, and both must be OK
    • Can be configured for external net and not for internal users
    • Can be configured for some user groups
    • Can be configured to be active at certain time intervals (like night and weekends)
  • User’s free choice

Multi-lingual support

All text available for the users is available in ‘local’ language for the user. The language is automatically selected based on the browser or can be selected directly by each user.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Dutch
  • Chinese / Mandarine
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Welsh
  • Brazilian
  • Lithuanian
  • Estonian
  • Latvian

Additional languages will be easily added on request.

Enabled for visually impaired persons (W3C Web A.G.) (optional)


  • Authenticate users calling for assisted service
    • Use system information
    • Use semi-private Q/A
  • Issue a PIN code for end-user enrollment to FastPass self-service. User can then reset the password herself
  • Can reset and un-lock passwords
  • Un-locks FastPass end-user accounts


  • The FastPass administrator configures and monitors the application
  • Configures network access
  • Writes and modifies user assistance text and field text
  • Configures enrollment process
  • Monitors management statistics and log-files
  • Configures SMS services (internal service or external WEB-service)

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