Password Protection Plan

More than 80% of data breaches involve a weak or stolen password.

Act with a comprehensive plan to protect the corporate passwords – it is much more than a question of password policy!

Password Protection Plan
password protection criminal

To protect the passwords, we must understand where the criminals get them:

  • Prevent weak passwords
  • Easy automation through Self-Service
  • Protect Privileged Processes
  • Dashboard included

No single method can solve it all. Even in companies without passwords, some kind of code is used for exceptional situations, and then the process is identical to password processes.

We propose clients to produce a Password Protection Plan.

It covers:

Password Policy IconPASSWORD POLICY

Password Processes IconPASSWORD PROCESSES

Technologies related to passwordsTECHNOLOGY RELATED TO PASSWORDS



We see that password processes often are forgotten when addressing password issues.

With that we mean:

Giving users the first password

The user’s password change by the user

Privileged users resets passwordsPassword resets by privileged supporters when users have forgotten their passwords

Privileged passwords sharingProcesses for sharing of privileged passwords


Password Protection Plan – 3P

FastPass Password Protection Plan table

If you want inspiration to get your own Password Protection Plan then request a copy here.

Password Protection Plan Sample

Content of the Password Protection Plan

  • Ambition-objective
  • Threats
  • Migration principles
  • Handling of different passwords
  • Solutions
  • Compliance and controls
  • Responsibilities
  • Action Plan
  • Cost and benefit
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