FastPass Partner Benefits

FastPassCorp works closely with partners to give the best possible service to our clients

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The FastPass product suit is the ideal solution for various partners:

  • ServiceNow resellers and consultants
  • OKTA resellers
  • Identity Management resellers and consultants
  • Managed Service Providers


FastPass is ServiceNow Technology Partner. Our solutions are integrated with the ServiceNow solutions, and will give you easy customer acceptance.


FastPass integrates OKTA directly for user verification is Password self-service and service desk verification. Helps increasing the value of the customers’ OKTA investments.

Identity Management solutions

FastPass IVM adds the necessary secure identity verification module to most IGA solutions. Furthermore FastPass self service password reset adds multi passwords and productivity.

Managed Service Providers

MSPs need high productivity for their service desk. With the multi-tenant FastPass MSPs can operate FastPass from their service centers or from FastPass Cloud.

Benefits for Partners

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Attractive margins and bonuses

FastPass Partner Benefits

Leads from campaigns

FastPass Partner Benefits

Presales support

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