How to write a G2 review for FastPassCorp

This survey can be completed within 5-10 minutes.


Thank you for taking your time and leaving us a review on G2. It will take you about 5-10 minutes for this survey.

At FastPass, your insights matter. We believe that your feedback helps others make informed decisions as well as showcase the strengths of our offerings, and enable us to improve our products and services continuously.

Step 1: Visit FastPass' G2 Profile

Once you visit FastPass' G2 profile, scroll down and click "Write A Review":

write a review

Step 2: Continue to login

Once you get to this page, you'll see the benefits of writing a review in G2 for FastPass. Click Continue to Login and sign-in with your LinkedIn account or business email:

login credentials

G2 login credentials

Step 3: Fill out survey

For the questionnaire, please fill out all the "required" fields. Some fields have a certain character requirement indicated.G2 review for FastPass survey

Step 4: Verification (Confirm you are a FastPass user)

Login to your FastPass Manager admin page and take a screenshot with your profile name visible. Save as .png or .jpg and upload in the G2 section for verification.

*For cloud users, please upload an image of the support page as seen below:Β Step 4: FastPass G2 Review Profile Verification

Step 5: Submit your Review

Before you submit, please make sure all fields and sections are completely filled out.

  • A green line at the top will indicate that you are at the end of the survey form.
  • Review grade and click "submit" button.
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