Oracle Password Portal or Password Synchronization

What are benefits with Oracle password tool?

  • Increase end-user productivity enhance service to a 24/7/365 password self service
  • Strengthen security through a secure password reset process
  • Enable stronger password policies to be enforced with no additional support cost in the Help-desk

Oracle password reset self service and syncronization

How do you help Oracle users solve the forgotten and locked passwords issue? The modern users need availability 24 hours 7 days a week. Many enterprises can’t have 100% availability from the IT service desk. The answer is Oracle reset password self-service. FastPass Enterprise Password Manager helps you meet user expectations and reach productivity targets.

Many organizations benefit from the FastPass Password Manager’s ease of use for Oracle reset passwords. Some organizations want to help users reset Oracle password at a WEB-portal = Direct Oracle password reset. Other organizations want users to have only one password and let FastPass synchronize passwords from Active Directory to the Oracle user repository.

When your Oracle system is critical from a security point of view, then the right decision might be to have different passwords for the different critical systems. Users can then make a direct Oracle reset password for the specific Oracle systems from their FastPass WEB-portal, where they also can have access to their Windows passwords!

With FastPass Enterprise Password Manager you can easily configure access to Oracle and define the processes for user enrollment and user authentication.

With FastPass you can do Oracle password synchronization too for some users and direct Oracle password reset for other users. In this way, your investment is protected no matter what the future will bring regarding your Oracle reset password needs. When we write Oracle it also covers systems using Oracle as database as for example JD Edwards.

FastPass helps reducing the workload in the Help Desk, increase end-user productivity and Strengthen Security.

self service password reset

For Executives: 

  • Reduce service desk cost
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Avoid data breaches and related costs
  • Leverage past investments in Windows
  • Server and Active Directory
  • Typically, ROI within 3-6 months
self service password reset

For employees:

  • An extremely fast solution to a forgotten password situation
  • Access to systems 24/7/365
  • No need to involve other people (service desk, colleagues etc.)
  • No barrier to comply with strict password security policies
  • Simple to use
self service password reset

For compliance and IT-security managers:

  • Reduce risk for data breaches
  • Make and monitor a compliant manual process
  • Implement strong password policies with user acceptance
  • Keep cost of compliance and security down
self service password reset

For service desk managers:

  • Remove 20-50% of calls to help desk
  • Enhanced logging and reporting
  • Significantly reduce total cost per forgotten password

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FastPass Connector for Oracle self service portal

The FastPass Connector for Oracle is used by the FastPass Password Manager Sync Server to reset passwords for internal database users on Oracle systems based as either native Oracle users or users residing in different tables.

The connector is installed along with the FastPass Password Manager Server installation but licensed individually and on per user basis.


Password Manager supports easy integration into multiple Oracle systems from a single implementation. The configuration is done from the Password Manager Administration Client implemented as part of the Password Manager Backend Server. The communication to the Oracle database is done from the Password Manager Gateway Server. The integration is implemented using TCP communication and this can optionally be implemented to use encryption. Technically, it connects to the database and executes a stored procedure with the actual logic to reset the password of the Oracle user. The stored procedure has to be installed before the connector will work.

Password Manager requires the following parameters to be configured in the Administration Client to be able to access an Oracle server.


Read more about FastPass Solutions

FastPass covers the important password manager processes for self service of passwords with a compliant and secure process for the facilitated password reset process in the service desk. The results are high productivity and ease-of-use for all types of corporations.

FastPass covers all types of passwords (Windows / SAP/ Oracle / IBM i, etc.). FastPass supports Active Directory and Azure Active Directory users.

FastPass for Active Directory

FastPass for Active Directory lets you start with an advanced and automatic platform for Windows Active Directory passwords. You can later add functionality as your requirements increase. Reach 90%+ adoption rate with forced enrolment and rich authentication options.

FastPass covers Active Directory, Multi-AD, Multi-forest AD, Azure AD, Hybrid Azure AD.

FastPass for SAP

SAP password reset tool for Self Service or Synchronize:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all instances
  • Supports all SAP variations, and an unlimited number of SAP instances
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

FastPass for IBM

Password synchronization or password reset for IBM i series, IBM Z and RACF:

  • Easy to use self-service portal for all systems
  • Supports all Oracle variations, and an unlimited number of Oracle systems
  • Functionality as FastPass Enterprise
  • Synchronize AD passwords to SAP passwords

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