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The FastPass Cloud service is a web-based password manager for medium and large companies who want to improve productivity and security related to password self-service processes in a simple and fast way. Users get access to a WEB-portal, even from a Windows PC before log-in!

The FastPass Cloud service helps customers realize the business case for self-service of passwords with a fast and easy implementation from a web-based password manager – only the very limited installation of connector for the domain controller!. FastPass covers all popular corporate password types like Windows / Active Directory, SAP, IBM Z, IBM I, Oracle, SQL, LDAP, and others. The Cloud service gives customers complete data security and compliance by covering the full circle within password processes: Self-service and manual service desk support for passwords. FastPass Cloud and FastPass Best Practices help our customers reach reductions in assisted password calls (the service desk) with more than 80% compared to a standard of 20-40% with other solutions.

FastPass Cloud is hosted at Amazon data centers. This secures our customers the highest possible availability and flexibility. FastPass has been externally certified to be WEB-secure per industry standards:

  • PCI
  • Owasp
  • Cyber SANS

It’s easy and fast to connect FastPass Cloud with your own domain and Active Directory or any other user directory and password you need to have self-service of passwords for.

For FastPass Cloud functionality see: FastPass password manager functionality

Self-service of passwords

Corporations with many users and complex organizations need solutions that can easily be configured to fit the individual requirements. FastPass Cloud web based password manager for password reset selfservice offers everything needed to assure high user adoption:

  • Enrollment: FastPass can enforce users to enroll. For users and situations where forced enrollment is  not possible, an email based enrollment service will automatically invite and get the remaining users onboard.
  • FastPass Cloud covers most popular types of passwords (Windows / SAP/ Oracle /IBM i, etc.)
  • User access from all types of devices and from domains and external network. Even when the PC is locked the user can reset password as well on domain as on external net. Smartphones and tablets give special needs that must be covered too (BYOD)
  • The user must be able to choose the authentication which is most convenient – and still secure. Security requirements can be implemented with single and 2-factor authentication depending on the situation. Authentication can be: standard questions, individual questions, SMS contact, private e-mail contact, code-cards and other methods. FIDO authentication is planned for coming release.
  • End-users can individually and easy select their native language – with more than 20 languages FastPass can accommodate most users..

Most important is to get a self-service adoption over 90%. Contact us for a meeting on FastPass Cloud Password Manager for your situation.  

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FastPass Cloud integration

What is Microsoft password reset?     

Efficient and best enterprise password reset self-service:

  1. Self-service password reset:
    1. Pre windows PC log-in client
    2. WEB based portal
    3. Microsoft authenticator
    4. Forced enrollment of users
  2. Facilitated password reset by the service desk
    1. Compliant workflow
    2. Secure user authentication
    3. Use of contextual and dynamic data
    4. Avoid privileged rights for the service desk analysts

Gateway to Domain

The customer’s domain must be connected to the FastPass Cloud. This requires the installation of a FastPass software gateway. The gateway must have privileged access to reset passwords at Active Directory. The following is a high level summary of the requirements for integrating your site with the FastPass Cloud via the introduction of a locally installed FastPass Gateway.

  • Server to install IIS & FastPass Gateway service on to
  • Access to an AD account with capacity to change passwords, and creation of AD groups
  • SSL certificate
  • External access via HTTPS to FastPass Gateway

The server itself can be physical or virtual. The server will need to have IIS installed, and .Net 3.5 SP1 present.

The following accounts/groups will need to be created:

  • FastPassIISUser – Generic user account. Will need ‘log on as a service’ permissions on the FastPass Gateway server
  • FastPassGatewayAdmin – Generic user account, no special permissions
  • FastPass Gateway Admins – Security group. Sole member should be ‘FastPass Gateway Admin’
  • FastPass Domain Admin – Generic user account. Should either be part of the ‘Domain Admins’ group or have delegated rights to perform a password change/account unlock against the appropriate user OUs
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