Where are the cost?

There is no cost for passwords in themselves! No special technology and we keep them in our head. The cost is however a consequence of users forgetting the passwords. The reaction to this situation carries costs:

  • Workload in service desks taking password calls from users
  • Lost user productivity waiting to get a new password – sometimes days (Friday evening to Monday morning!)
  • Risks = costs and fines if unauthorized persons use a weak process to get passwords to other accounts – see Password Compliance

To get a good idea of the potential value, then consider the fact that around 30% of all calls to service desks are related to password problems. The number is identical from different studies from consulting groups and even HDI (HelpDeskInstitute) and SDI (Service Desk Institute) agrees on the magnitude.

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Service desk

The most obvious benefit for the IT service desk with password self-service is of course the reduction in calls, which free up time for better use in the service desk or user authentication office

A secure manual process will take 10-15 minutes for the central persons and for users the same plus the queue time waiting to be served. A cost of approximately 30 minutes is expensive for all organizations. A secure self-service password solution will take around 1 minute!

It is clear that the potential financial business case is very strong.

The challenge is in the word: “Potential” for the benefits!! Experiences show that it is difficult to change users’ behavior. This is true in general and it is true for password self-service.  The most critical parameter in the calculation of the business case is end-user self-service success percentage. Many companies have seen results of of less than 30% success (see Self-service of passwords) , and then the whole business case falls. Focus must be on achieving success rates of more than 80% – then all projects become profitable!!

User productivity is important

Improved USER service

Users call the service desk 1-8 times a year with a forgotten password problem. It probably doesn’t matter that much if it takes 5-15 minutes. This is however not the normal situation. The user calls in Monday morning and will queue up for 20-40 minutes as all the other users are calling in too.

The user might get the problem Saturday after a long vacation or a hard weekend and will have to wait for the queue Monday morning. This means a lot to the user and the company as the user is SYSTEM DOWN until the password is reset!

A special problem is users on remote network. Here it is not possible for the service desk to reset the password at the mobile PC-cache. In that case the user is helpless and a travel to a foreign country might be totally lost, if the PC is locked! This can be solved with the right solution

Modern users with smart devices have special issues. It is not obvious for a tablet user how he can get access to resetting the password for the network (there is no ctrl-alt-del button!). They don’t receive Windows warnings that the password is about to expire. The right solution can help the user to alleviate these issues.

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