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Who watches the Watchmen? And who watches the Passwords?

As the watchmen watch out for us, the passwords protect us and the company assets. But who watches the passwords?

Who or how do you protect your passwords?”: A line we find ourselves focusing on in discussions with CISO’s. The importance of passwords cannot be overlooked; passwords help us to protect data, systems, and employees.

Is it common to have a specific plan for the protection of passwords? Our conclusions point from an unofficial survey is ‘NO’.

A password policy, as defined for Active Directory, is not a comprehensive plan. Organisations in every industry show vulnerabilities in security and password protection in a wide range of situations. If your businesses’ passwords can be thought of as the Watchmen - keeping guard of your internal system – it must be considered what practices, the organisation has in place to keep these ‘Watchmen’ aligned. How do we mitigate the risks and understand who is accountable for the responsibility?

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Collaborating with representatives from our larger organisations, we are proud to now present the Password Protection Plan. It is 10-15 minutes read, documenting how ABCD Corp analysed their present situation and developed processes, technology, and organization to establish their Password Protection Plan. This plan gives them the reassurance that deliberate decisions have been made and responsibilities have been placed. Whilst the level of protection will differ according to individual company needs, the underlying message remains: a transparent policy should be enacted within every organisation to ensure that passwords are continuously protected.

You can download the guide from this page and use it for your inspiration:

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