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What are the 10 best SSPR solutions?

With hundreds of large customers we have gained a lot of experience with customers’ interests and questions when they are about to decide for a new SSPR solution (Self-Service Password Reset).

Often, we have been asked what products we meet in competition and what the differences are. We have always known what the most important criteria are, and now we have documented it in a comprehensive list to be used by any project manager for his requirements list.  The Best SSPR Criteria

Based on the criteria list we have chosen 10 SSPR products for large organizations and have rated them according to the criteria, based on information available from websites and technical material, where we have been able to find it. 10 Best SSPR Products and Solutions

10 best SSPR products comparisonYou are welcome to copy and use the elements where you agree and add additional criteria, which seem important to you.

Please let us know what more you need to evaluate your new SSPR solution!

Finn Jensen

Finn Jensen | Founder, FastPasscorp

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