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Vishing cases have increased almost 550%!

Vishing (voice phishing) cases have increased almost 550 percent over the last twelve months (Q1 2022 to Q1 2021), according to the latest Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report from Agari and PhishLabs.

vishing cases increase blog

In Q1 2022, Agari and PhishLabs detected and mitigated hundreds of thousands of phishing, social media, email, and dark web threats targeting a broad range of enterprises and brands. The report provides an analysis of the latest findings and insights into key trends shaping the threat landscape.

According to the findings, vishing attacks have overtaken business email compromise (BEC) as the second most reported response-based email threat since Q3 2021. By the end of the year, more than one in four of every reported response-based threat was a vishing attack, and this makeup continued through Q1 2022.

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The important fact here is that hackers find that Vishing is worth the time it takes!! Vishing is far more expensive to do per target person compared to phishing. With a simple e-mail you can reach millions of target persons, whereas with Vishing you have to talk with each potential victim. It’s expensive and takes time – but it grows exponentially now.

Look for all places in your organization where the damages of Vishing might be disastrous. It can be in your financial department where payments are issued. It can be in your IT-service desk where passwords (and other credentials) for all employees are issued, and the identity theft might cause a ransomware attack! For all central functions consider implementing a secure workflow for identity verification to prevent that hackers are successful with impersonations of real employees!

FastPass Identity Verification might be the secure workflow which prevents the vishing attack!

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