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Finn Jensen | Founder, FastPasscorp

FastPass for User Verification Certified by TOPdesk

TOPdesk has for many years been a very popular ITSM solution. Starting in Europe but now globally distributed.

TOPdesk has excelled in ITIL processes with fast and easy implementation.

With recent events where service desks have been the source of breached passwords for hackers using social engineering methods, it has become clear that service desks need a secure user identity verification solution. IT security managers (CISO) understand that the service desk processes must comply too with company security policies. TOPdesk customers will of course demand that supporters have an efficient workflow integrated directly into the TOPdesk process.

The FastPass user verification process (IVM) is certified by TOPdesk and available from the TOPdesk Marketplace.

FastPass protects the users against identity theft and protects the supporters from making mistakes. See more about the FastPass user verification process.

Please see in this video how smoothly the supporter uses FastPass integrated into the TOPdesk workflow:  User Verification for TOPdesk



FastPass SSPR TOPdeskAs an integrated part of FastPass TOPdesk customers can easily integrate FastPass’ self service password reset solution - SSPR solution – to reduce the number of password related calls. This will give the service desk more time to give excellent service to end-users or to reduce the help desk cost. FastPass SSPR for TOPdesk and a more detailed description of FastPass SSPR: FastPass SSPR for TOPdesk

FastPass offers many user verification methods including Microsoft Authenticator, SMS-pin, email-pin, OKTA, DUO, RSA, Radius, question and answers and even manager confirmation. For Danish customers MitId is available: FastPass MITID


Contact FastPass to talk about your situation and how FastPass can increase your TOPdesk value with more security and productivity:

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