Twitter Hack: Britton Pleads Guilty in Vishing Attack

The Twitter hack of 2020 is now about to reach the legal end. The young Briton Joseph James O’Connor pleads guilty to US law enforcement. Even BBC has it as a top news story today:

According to BBC:

The hack showed how fragile Twitter's security was at the time. The attackers telephoned a small number of Twitter employees with a believable tale to convince them to hand over their internal login details - which eventually granted the hackers access to Twitter's powerful administrative tools.

Source: BBC:

Essentially, the hackers managed to use social engineering tricks more akin to those of conmen than of high-level cyber-criminals to get access to the powerful internal control panel at the site.

Cyber experts agreed that the consequences of the Twitter hack could have been far worse if O'Connor and other hackers had more sophisticated plans than a get-rich-quick scheme. Disinformation could have been spread to affect political discourse and markets could have been moved by well-worded fake business announcements, for example.

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Finn Jensen

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