FastPass Performance Review

Revisit your IT business case

All IT projects should have a business case, specifying the benefits we expect. For Self-Service Password Reset (FastPass SSPR) projects or password synchronization projects, it is my experience that the majority of corporations have a clear idea of what the objectives are.

Reduce the number of password calls to the service desk by a certain number or percentage. Reduce time for end-users to solve their issue. An increase in security.

FastPass Performance Review for service desk and businesses

In the first 1-6 months, a lot of attention is still on the results. But then new projects, new challenges take attention away from the project. It becomes just something running in the background. This is the risk! Users might change their attention, technical problems not handled – might make it difficult or impossible for users to do self-service.

My suggestion is: Revisit your business case and your SSPR (or synch) project.
FastPass can help you do this fast and efficient with our FastPass Performance Review.

Our experts will analyze your results regarding user adoption and give a clear recommendation on how to come back up to 85-90%. They will look at your use of technology and make sure it runs smoothly. They will introduce the new features in FastPass if that will help you improve.

When we have done the review, we suggest that you plan for a regular review to keep your numbers up. Remember: You decided for the SSPR project for a reason. Make sure you continue to reach your objectives!

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