Overview of FastPass Enterprise release 3.6

FastPass 3.6 is now available! This version offers customers new dimensions in authentication, security and performance.

Based on Rel. 3.5 FastPassCorp has released many subversions with important improvements. With 3.6 all these improvements are combined in FastPass 3.6 together with a high number of new exciting functionality.

The headlines:

  • End-user authentication is more versatile and covers new TOTP solutions
  • New responsive design for the end-user interface, making it accessible from all devices
  • Fast PC client upstart process together with other performance improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • User convenience
  • Many new languages for end-users and help-desk client
  • Administration client upgrade
  • Support for Bitlocker
  • New password connectors

Combined, these improvements make FastPass Enterprise & MSP edition rel 3.6 the perfect choice for large organizations and service providers who want to benefit from the highest end-user adoption rates in the industry, combined with outstanding security profile. FastPassCloud offers the same benefits and is now operating on FastPass 3.6.

End-user authentication

Password self-service solutions from the start only offered standard questions/answers for user authentication when a password was forgotten. Some security experts have challenged this, and we know that some users have problems remembering the answers. As more and more talk zero-trust regarding IT-systems many companies have implemented 2-factor authentication. Often a combination of passwords and a physical token.

With FastPass 3.6 we have embraced this trend and has made the user authentication process open for many new “tokens”. Furthermore, we have established an architecture where we can add new methods with short notice. The new authentication methods being introduced are:

  • Time-stamped One-Time PINs (TOTP):
    • Microsoft Authenticator
    • Google Authenticator
    • DUO authentication
  • Smart Card
    • PKI Smart Card based on the PC/SC standards

Responsive design:

  • New and rebuilt HTML and design, offering responsive HTML and easy to brand and maintain for customers and managed service providers.
  • Replaces our 3.5 APP
  • Changed HTML/CSS/Design to be responsive. FastPassMobile client has been removed, users will now use the standard web application


New PC-client

  • New design
  • Fast initiation and response


Security improvements:

  • Sign and encrypt e-mails
  • SMTP connector now allows connections via TLS/SSL
  • Password Policy indicator for end users now reflects ADs Complexity Password Policy in detail
  • Send Notification to Manager in AD for Notifications has been added
  • Protection against session high-jacking: By default FastPass will now demand that a user IP address from within a session is not changed.
  • When using hashing for Challenge/Response answers or when hashing passwords for history checks, FastPass now uses PBKDF2 instead of MD5.
  • Cookies are now per client and the Sessionid will change per request
  • Cookies now separate for FastPassClient/HelpDesk etc. and SSL only
  • AntiXSS libraries have been enforced in both front-end and backends for more general protection against XSS
  • New Hardening package



Performance improvements:

  • AD discovery process optimized, approximately 2-8 times faster discovery of users
  • Better performance by Improved caching of internal structures
  • Default texts will not need to be loaded into the database any more
  • Fetch Log files from remote gateway (Requires 3.6 version on remote gateway


User convenience

  • Multiple destinations (SMS Email), Ability to send multiple SMS or emails to a user.
  • FastPassClient Frontend EEC(OpenService) – now has multiple throttle options to ensure not to ask users to Enroll when there is no “room” for the user
  • Added Editable texts for SMSPin and Email Pins, The texts now editable under the Client Text settings in the Admin Client. Please note that the texts are locale specific
  • Added support for sending notifications and invitations to all contacts, SMS and email
  • Added support for using UPN as username instead of SAMaccount name
  • HelpDesk Client is now available in all languages
  • When users Enroll using Semi-private private challenge/response questions, the question chosen in the first dropdown is automatically removed from other list with questions to help the user.
  • In users’ free choice of authentication, then the user-id is selected first, and then only relevant authentication options are presented


New languages:

  • Czech
  • Estonian
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Thai
  • Turkish


Administration Client:

  • New design and structure


Microsoft technology updates, among these:

  • All server parts in 3.6 now requires at least .Net version 4.5.2


End-point encryption:

  • Support for Bitlocker: Using FastPass end-users can unlock their Bitlocker device, providing access to resetting their Pin/Access code.


Password connector news:

  • New SAP connector and SNC support
  • New OpenLDAP/eDir support









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